=628= Reflections: Half Day

Haha, such a productive day.

I was given a half day off. And within the short period of time, I managed to watch the Greatest Showman(which was amazing by the way) and produce a drum cover and upload to YouTube. Wish I am this productive all he time man.



=626= Word: Ready

I observed around me and I realised that number one often isn’t the smartest, the fastest or the best at the job. Number one is often the one that was the most ready.

Perhaps I am not ready ah. Ha. Ok lah, I am really not ready. Let’s see how God changes my heart in these 6 months. God, blow my mind! HAHA


=624= Word: Responsible

Today an incident happened that made me think that I have grown up a bit and have grown a bit more responsible.

Now that I am in where I am now right. Weekends are generally quite precious. I have had intentionally left time out to spend with my family. However, you know sometimes, you will want to hang out with your friends.

Today was the first day the new people enters Interlace. Today we had almost full strength for dinner. I really wanted to join them too, but I already had plans to go out with my parents. So I called my parents to cancel. When my dad heard me, he scolded me, because he had already driven all the way to church alr.

If it was me a few years back, I probably would have felt bad about it, but went ahead anyway. Today, I decided to forgo the fun and be responsible for I had already scheduled with my parents already.

Somehow, I feel quite light and proud of myself. Haha. I have grown.

The past few days in camp was me being busy for the project I was pulled into. I was really happy to be part of a production especially in the army. Who knew? HAHA! However, I was once again reminded of the creative clash between people. I was reminded of how much work it was. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to work with the team. I wonder why? HAHA! Perhaps we were all very task oriented and hard working.

I started working with people from the MR department. A place I wanted to go. However, I think it is a blessing that I landed in PG. The people are nice. Good platoon culture. I am able to have quite a good schedule. On top of that, I was able to do media stuff even though I am in this platoon. It is good! 🙂 so far, I am enjoying myself.

I met my platoon mate’s friend in MR. Well, let’s just say, he did not give me the best impression. When I first ask him about my platoon mate, he revealed out so much dirt about him that I didn’t even ask for. It just shows how good a friend you are. You are a crap friend. What kind of friend would say such things about him. You are not a good friend, you are just a freaking gossip.

Not only that, he is super greedy and selfish. Goodness. He was all about to leave—he actually called our superior to tell him that he was leaving—but upon hearing that my superior bought pizza, he decided to stay. He even ate more than any of us, while not being the person that helped the most.

When my superior offered me a ride and I actually considered and said ok, they laughed and said I was the next him. After that, I decided not to take the ride. Well, partially because it was going to be longer than me just returning myself, but mainly because I really don’t want to be like him.

Such a bad character. -sigh- I pity my platoon mate.

Oh well, all is well.

Gonna have some fun Tmr. So yeah! 😀

Lord, be my guide.


=623= Word: Reason

This will probably be the last post of the year. I have a thought swimming in my head for a while.

Why is it that when you feel lonely, you will be naturally drawn to do something? Why will someone lonely want to be seen doing something?

I thought it was meant to distract yourself, but the more I thought about it, the less I think it is true.

To distract yourself is a personal issue—basically to occupy yourself so that you won’t even think that you are busy. However, what I feel most of time is different. I don’t want to be seen lonely. HAHA.

The answer I arrived at was, “I need a reason to be lonely.”

Basically, when I am lonely, I want it to be justified. For example, I am alone because I am busy doing work. If I have a reason behind why I am lonely, then I won’t be out of place. If not, I am this little dude that is alone without reason.

Being out of place is uncomfortable, so I rather be busy.

HAHA. I have no idea why, but it is just me I guess. Let me see how to get rid of this feeling next year. Time limit is 6 months. Let’s see what I should do.

God, the possibilities are never ending! Show me how you would use me in this season! 🙂


Just a man struggling to live a God led life in a God strayed world