=1= Retreat Reflection 2013: Disconnected

Well, Retreat was just over, but ya simply this, i felt sincerely disconnected, not with God, but with my friends… I guess i was in a place where i am left out by my good friends… I dunno, but i Have been so  close to them that when something like this happens i felt really bad…

Well, i was a Coach IC for the late bus for retreat. It was quite a nice but scary experience. For it was late at night, we are all sleepy, this included the driver. Well he was quite awake, but i guess with me being paranoid, i constantly woke up to check on the driver and check behind to see if everyone was alright. I guess people like Elle and Joyce saw me and knew i was tired. But thank God we reached there safely and manage to get lots of sleep.

Well i guess it was the free day when i went out with TWISTERS that i felt disconnected. We went to Marchè to eat and i felt left out… 😦 I guess it was mainly because i went to the toilet and couldn’t find anyone anywhere when i came back. Then i was really sad, so i went into the prayer lab with these feelings and i rant to God, I was there telling God about my hurts and my feelings. But God did work! He gave me peace once i got out of that room! I went to the altar call that day and God reminded me of His goodness! And i received unspeakable Joy!

I did mention i was disconnected with my friends right? Yup i was, with my REGULAR friends. I had the privilege to teach Raegan, Ben Ben and Arel how to play bridge. I guess i was closer to them after the retreat! My cell, FOOTSTEPS also became closer during the retreat! FOOTSTEPS, thank you for making my retreat! I really enjoy being able to talk to you all, to be able to share a bond with a cell i never grow up in was something i would treasure! Thank you for making my experience in cell amazing! 😀

MANONO! Hahahah! I love you guys man! though all 3 Water Rise Card came from us… But you guys are really fun! I came to Manono right, realising that you guys are so quiet! :< That is not good! Well, but i did see change after the island game! I saw your personalities and character and i wanna comment you all!

Hey Nice working with you again(counting the time in youth alpha training)! Well, I hope you didn’t have a hard time taking up the group? So sorry i couldn’t be ther earlier… But ya, it was great to be able to see you working so hard to help Manono, like when you want all of us to have a meal together! Jiayou Continue to be a great leader!

Hey Clara! Great working with you, though we didn’t talk much, see you around? We shall talk! Haha! Thank you for taking up the group and lightening up the work! 🙂 Jiayou! Continue to grow!

I am so sorry i mixed you up with Clara… i am so bad with names…. :/ But ya, talk more ok? we shall talk when we see each other around as well! 😛

Esther! Hey i wanted to praise you for serving others the cake before yourself! People don’t seem to realise, but the little things show character, and character is really important! Continue to be a godly person and continue to be like that and i am sure you will make a great leader(<hint> Calling uh! :P)

It was such a privilege to see you grow! Eh, i never remember you to be so quiet leh, TALK MORE!!!!

How’s ur throat? Wow! Seeing you shouting so loudly for God, i was really impressed! continue and make that consistent! Be a child of God in school just like you are at home just like you are in church!

Ha! I got it right this time! Well, I know you have a heart for people! continue to have that heart! Be more aware of yourself! And i am sure you will be an amazing man of God!

Cute boy! Oi! Don’t close yourself up just because you are not comfortable with us leh! Talk to us more!

Hey it was really awesome that you took the initiative to talk to the leaders for us during the island game! Jiayou! Continue to Love God! Continue to Work hard in school! Yay Ngee Ann! 😀

Well retreat didn’t end when we left the hotel, i enjoyed my trip with Vanessa, Claire, Sis Chee and Aaron! Well, though most of the time we were sleeping, we did bond over the ride. oh and Vanessa, the pineapple tart was not bad! 🙂 Thanks! Claire, The curtain thing was really funny! 😛 Sis Chee, get well soon! Aaron, I shall see see when i host the outing!

Well, I guess disconnected may be the word to describe my Retreat, but God has blessed me in so many different ways! 😀 I believe God disconnected me with my regular friends to get me out of my comfort zone to know more people well! It certainly was an unique retreat!


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