=2= Books I’ve Read: The First Few

Ok lets do some Reviews! HEHEHE! well I have been reading! Sincerely surprised that i actually picked up the habit! But it is a great habit to have!

The first book that i have read this year was this book named,

‘Do Hard Things’ by Alex and Brett Harris
sounds weird right? actually it is pretty interesting, it goes on to say that the word ‘teenagers’ is only used in the last century. And that the Bible dun have a chapter or verse that actually targets teenagers.

in 1 Corinthians 13:11,
When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things. (NLT)
It only refers to Child and Adult. it does not say ‘teenager’

So why is this important?

It means that Teenagers are meant to live for more! Teenagers are meant to take up responsibility! After all, our ‘teen years’ is the time where we have the MOST TIME! In fact, the time we use for TV, Games, Etc etc, Could be used to Glorify God, could be used to impact the world! This should be the life that God has called us to! Not Mediocre life, but one full of meaning! This Book, challenges Teenagers to take up responsibility to live a life that God has meant for us to live!
The next book i read was this book by Eric and Leslie Ludy, ‘When God writes your Life Story’
This book is also about living a life that God has meant for us, not a dull life! This book goes more in dept into letting God take control of your life! Sometimes, most of us sing songs, pray prayers that say that we surrender it all to you! BUT do we really mean that? Some of us, still have areas in our lives that we refuse to let God write our life. The Life that God has meant for us is an AMAZING life! its an unending frontier! It’s a mountain so high that we can’t climb on our own! We need God’s strength to pull through, we need God to carry us up to the peak!

Then I read Joshua Harris’ “Sex is not the problem(Lust is)” 
Lust is a common problem among men, in fact, we all have weakness to lust, Both Men and Women are tempted by the devil to lust! In fact, in the society we live in, Women are encouraged to lust over guys! Shocking, but true. This book showed me that Sin first starts in our mind, maybe that is why when Jesus preached, he raised the bar, to say that sin in the mind is sin! They pointed to King David, a man after God’s own heart. Even King David, a man after God’s heart, fell to temptation and lust, committed adultery with Bathsheba, do u think u are safe? This book provides great suggestions and insights on how to overcome Lust!

Then i went on to read ‘I Kissed Dating Goodbye’ by Joshua Harris
This book’s title sounds really weird i know… but it is a super interesting book! Many people told me that when i was reading it!
It shows how superficial dating really is in real life. It challenges people to wait until they are ready to date, for the right girl at the wrong time is the wrong girl at time. If we choose to date now, do we have the ability to support the other party? Are we really ready for commitment? When we get into a relationship, what is our motives? To get the girl? To be able to enjoy intimacy with her without the commitment? all these motives are selfish and someone is bound to be hurt… they had this phrase which i think is great! ‘The Joy of Intimacy is the reward of Commitment’
It then show the way we should seek friendship before relationship, for it is too easy to be someone else on a date, it is with friends that we reveal our true self!
Finally, this book says that we should base our love for our spouse on the example of Jesus’ Love for us! Just as Jesus has loved us so much, Jesus’ kind of love is the kind of love we should imitate, the love that we shouldn’t just show our spouse, but show everyone!

There is a second part to i kissed dating goodbye and that is ‘Boy Meets Girl: say Hello to Courtship’ In Which you should only buys when you are ready to date! (well, for me, i just wanted to learn more) This book goes to show what a heathy relationship with someone should be! The threats of an unhealthy relationship, the attitude of it. In a relationship with someone, we should approach it with a heart that says, i want to serve the person. This is ways to help two people to get into a courtship, a stage where is more than friends and less than lovers. A stage where is so difficult. A stage where they are to pursue a deeper form of friendship.

Then, i decided to try to read a book of Kenneth Yeo’s favourite author, Phillip Yancey. “Disappointment with God”
This is a book that surrounds the idea on being disappointed with God. When things dun turn out the way it should. When someone with great faith dies, what is the reason? Why Wouldn’t God show himself as much as during the Old testament? why not just do something, and make everybody believe?

Well, In the old testament, though signs of God are very prominent,(The different plagues, Water from rock, pillar of fire and cloud) People in the old testament still do not have faith… People were relying on the signs to believe in God. But that kind of Faith never last, the Israelites created a golden calf as a god. In fact, It is through silence and hiddenness of God, that Faith really Grows, for example, Abraham, he was told that his descendants will be made into a great nation, but at his old age, he still was not a father, but he gotten a son in his old age. and when God ask him to sacrifice his son, he had faith to do it, even though its painful! It then had a study of Job, which interested me quite a bit! Job was someone who had a lot, he had a lot of flocks, he had 10 children, but he lost everything in one day. Though he had lost everything, he had, he did not sin against God! And Job died happily! It goes to show that faith built through trials and testing cannot be shaken, cause it was built through being shaken! It is an interesting Book! I learned A LOT from it!

Then Finally, i recently read the book by Joshua Harris again, “Stop Dating the Church and fall in love with the family of God”
This isn’t a book on relationships with the opposite sex, this is one on the relationship with the church! This book, shows why people would church hop and not settle down in a local church. It shows the benefits of staying in a local church. It shows that we should love the church because Jesus himself loves it! We should just be dating a church not looking for a commitment, we should be married to a church, settling down and grow! It is a great book to read to understand that the life we have on earth is not a solo pursuit!


Well, i like end off with this, i really hope you try reading books! Cause we can learn so much from it! The church can only help u learn on Sundays, but you can learn every single day by simply reading! Trust me it is a difficult habit… in fact my first two books took me three months to complete reading… Well, but it is not about simply reading it, digest it! I hope you will be encouraged to learn by reading as well! Hope you like my reviews! Hope it has blessed you one way or another! God bless you!


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