=5= Melancholic Reflections: Blessings

Blessing are things that God has given us. Well, but the ability to be able to see them is up to the person. But like i said, because its based on a person’s perception, One might mistake something bad to be a blessing from God. For example, someone who likes alcohol, when they get a free drink, is that really a blessing?

For we are all beings of need, we need Air, Water, Food, Hope and Worth, if we are not blessed then why are we still alive?
I don’t know why people find themselves pitiful over small little things, while so many children are born in places where people are starving, dying and being forced to do what they do not want to do. I thank God that i was born in Singapore, and not in Africa where i will be hungry, not in Afghanistan where wars are, not in places with natural disasters. I have my life safe in Singapore.

However, Physical brokenness isn’t anything like emotional brokenness. People who has been through emotional brokenness will treasure physical blessings even more. People who has been through bad family relationships, went through loneliness will really treasure what they have. They will understand that what they have on the hands are temporal, and they will focus on the more permanent things.

Jesus himself did not exempt himself from suffering. He suffered willingly to save me. No matter how broken i am He would save me. No matter how useless i am, He would save me! And because of that, we can take heart that when we go through spiritual battles, we aren’t going through it alone. We are going through this with a God who knows how is it like to live like a human to suffer like a human to die like one.

But I am not saying that i have this ultimate power to discern from blessings and fake blessings, but i would think that the most important thing in my life are my relationships with people. People are both physical and emotional blessings. When going through a tough time, what could be more of a comfort than the presence of your loved ones, beside you, supporting you? If Jesus Dwells in every single one of us, then wouldn’t the famous Les Miserables line ‘Loving another person is like seeing the face of God’ be true?

I know this post wasn’t written like i normally would have, this was to show how much i take this seriously. God has blessed me, that much i know. But the real important question is this, can i see it everyday? I recommend writing down all your blessing everyday. After a few months, you will be able to see how much God has blessed you. This shows you how faithful God really is when the time gets tough. When the time isn’t tough, God is there when the time gets tough, the tough doesn’t get going, God gets you going.

I hope this post on blessing will help you(I realised that i use ‘hope this has blessed you’ a lot…) Help you to be able to see God’s faithfulness in your life!


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