=17= Lesson Reflections: Path to Purity!

What happened was that i was reading up the dfd book and decided to teach it! The topic meant a lot to me! I know that this lesson has to be something that will stick to the kids! And i decided to have it this week because i can’t teach next week because i am serving.

Well, i thought it through and had this idea to use chocolate to represent porn/sin, but the idea i had in mind wasn’t clear enough. I had this mentor that helped me shaped the whole idea of making them go through the easy win process! He suggested for everyone in my cell to plank! But i thought it will take up too much space so i didn’t. But his contribution made the game awesome! (Thank you so much, Bro Q! :))

Then, showed my regional leader the game! He noticed that my game lack direction, and he asked me what is the message i wanted to bring forth. This one question helped me to shape my debrief points! Seriously, this one question made the entire game clear and the points sharp! (Thanks Bro D, You always ask the right questions! Seriously, that one question helped ALOT)

At this point the game was created and the points were clear, I simply want to hear advice from my beloved mentor that has helped me through my journey! Well, He gave pretty great suggestions! He advised that i should make them carry the chair again after eating the chocolate. He also said that there should be someone to come and help them by taking the wrappers away(which was also suggested by C), but i decided not to, because i do not think that will make the game fair. (Thanks Bro Ken, really happy to have taught this lesson! :))

Then, i also wanted something they could keep to help them draw strength from God. I remembered a part from Joshua Harris’ Book, Sex is not the problem(Lust is), a part where he really helped you out to reflect what kind of lies do u tell yourselves and gave 13 lies. Then, he gave truth from the Bible. So i decided to type it out and give it to my cell kids. Well, typing it out and reading the different versions was very tiring, but the product was really worth it! 🙂

Well, C asked if we could combine cell lesson. Well, i didn’t mind, but i was worried about the girls, after all, this is quite an awkward topic(hehe benefits of a all guys cell!). But i was thankful that we combined, if we didn’t COOL! is gonna kill us for being too loud, and there wasn’t many people that turned up for cell due to their duties. 😦

But nonetheless, it was a great lesson. It took way longer than i would have expected, the endurance of their arms really surprised me! O_O (Thanks JK!) I had fun giving out chocolates! (And Bro D, you made my day by asking if he could have a copy of the 13 lies! :D)

(OH, thanks Ma, for supplying the choco and sticky!) Oh apparently, Toblerone is really popular!

Ok so this show it goes,
1. I ask all my cell kids to carry their chairs
2. Their arms need to be straight
3. I tell them that the person who holds the chair the longest will get something great!
4. So they will continue to hold
5. When someone fails and puts his chair down, i will give him a choco
6. He/she will have to carry the chair with the remaining wrapper
7. To be fair, guys have 3 lives(2 wrapper) girls will have 4 lives(3 wrapper)
8. If u give up after u have 2/3 wrappers at hand u will Be out of the game
9. The winner gets the panda sticky!

So my lesson is on the path of purity!
The objective of the game is to see how difficult it is to live a righteous life and we can’t do it by ourselves!

So the chair represents the life we are supposed to lead!

The choco represents porn/sin
Its both, temporal, pleasurable for a while, addictive(to a certain extent) and brings negative effects after a long period of time!

The wrapper signify how porn/sin sticks to u!

The wrapper makes it difficult to carry out the righteous life that we should carry! Over time, the wrapper accumulates and makes it more difficult!

Then i will say the difference between the game and real life.
In the game, there is no one that can help u but urself! But in real life, God is there to give u strength to carry on living a righteous life! He will even take away all the wrappers to help u!

In the game i promised the winner something temporal, but God promised eternal life and communion with Him in heaven!

Obviously, in this game there is only one winner, but in real life, we can all lead righteous lives! Its impossible with our strength, but possible with God!

Then, i said that it is really vague how to draw strength from God, so i gave them the 13 lies paper that i prepared! 🙂


Well, this lesson is really worth remembering! Thank God for all the mentors and guidance! I pray that God will bless my cell and help them to grow! 🙂


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