=19= Birthday Reflections: Rest

Hmm. My Birthday this year was so different. For one, this was the first birthday that i actually dreaded. 17 years goodness. That are many more things that i have to experience, so much more friends to make. More relationships to build. More choices to make. What is so good about it?!

Another thing different was the fact that we did not cut the cake at 12 am. This was something that i liked. I mean the act itself was meaningless, i could cut the cake the next morning, but the fact that my love ones would stay up late to cut cake with me gives me assurance that i am important to them. That i was worth it to stay up late to celebrate.

I woke up to nothing, This isn’t bad, but its just that my birthday has been on weekdays for the past few years, so when i woke up with nothing to do, it doesn’t feel like my birthday. And I have been serving on Saturdays for quite some time, so having a Saturday off feels awkward. But nonetheless, i have gotten quite a bit of rest! And it i liked it so much that i named this post after it.

So many people wished me happy birthday. Many people who i haven’t been talking to for months texted me! πŸ™‚ It was nice to catch up with people. It was just such a pity that some people that i wanted to text me didn’t… 😦

But i am thankful that so many people valued my birthday! πŸ™‚

Oh well, this birthday may not been the best, but it sure shaped my thinking a bit. Now, i believe this. I don’t need people to spend money on me(Though i don’t mind), but what i want is simple. I want people to value my birthday. It is a special day! I may not need an expensive dinner, but i do want people’s time. I said that i want to use this time with friends, that haven’t change, i still do.

Things i want to do for my love ones on their birthday.
1. 12am birthday greetings
2. A Meal with them
3. A Present that they will like
4. Simply chat and talk
5. Hold this day with respect

Well, i am not perfect, i dun think i will be able to fulfil this all the time, hopefully i could keep 5.


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