=22= Melancholic Reflections: Drums

It doesn’t take a genius to know that i love drums. It doesn’t take a genius to know that when i am in a daze, half the time i am thinking of a tune and ‘playing’ to it. I have been contemplating on writing a post on drums, yet i never knew how to approach it. Even now i am writing it with no idea in my brain. Haha, we shall see how this goes~!

I have been thinking why do i even play the drums? The drums by itself is practically soulless. Sure Watoto said that they believe playing drums signifies life, yet even they don’t just play drums alone. They sing along to the beat! I mean, you could listen to a piece on the piano for hours straight. You could really add to the ambience by playing the acoustic guitar. You get to see people like Elvin and Shavinn on the guitar and they look great! They look like they get transported to a land where only them with their guitar exist! Drums are loud…

Well, i always admire drummers like Chad Smith and Steve Jordan when they play solos and still sound as good as they do. But really no one could stand watching drum solos for hours… We see how great their technique are and that’s it. We hear how great they sound and that’s it. We feel their groove and that’s it. We enjoy drums with music, not drums alone. Drums alone are loud and annoying.

Yet, i see another interesting thing with drums. We bring out the best in music. Seriously, without drums, try raising dynamics in the song! Try to build up and actually raise dynamics! It seems like music and drums bring forth the best in each other! Drums being a monotone instrument gives consistency to the music and music brings soul to the instrument, both complements each other!

If u see it in a way, Drums are just a fancy metronome. Keeping time. Yet it brings such flavour to the set! Well, when there is a need for punches, when the drums punches properly, 60% of the punches are there.

You can tell sometimes when a drummer is thinking of a tune in his head and playing drums to it or is he just playing a beat! Like once i could tell that Bro Leb is playing Wordplay by Jason Mraz! I guess what the drummer is thinking of in his head is extremely important. I used to think in my head what groove am i playing. But then, i lost where i was in the song and filled in wrongly then i lose control of time keeping. Now i think of the words and ‘sing’ along with it! Now i know where i am in the song, chances of me filling wrongly reduced quite a bit! 🙂

Well, Melancholic me. Haha, I guess i just love hitting metal disc and plastic skins with wood! Something about drums is very satisfying!


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