=25= Unclassified: Amplified

Haha, i would like to explain a few things. First, i realised that my Unclassified posts are more like the standard blog post! That it is where i really rant about things that annoys me! Looks like my Mel thoughts are more emotion directed! Second, I have a few password protected posts. When i see that happen in other people’s blogs, i feel really frustrated. I want to see into people’s lives, but i also know this, there are MANY things that i am not entitled to know. There are things in people’s lives that shouldn’t be exposed on the internet. This is my explanation to all these posts. I have things that are VERY personal, but i want to write about it to feel better. :/ But i have let a few close friends in on the passwords! So if you are my close friend or my close mentors and you want to read into my life, just contact me, i will give you a bit more context. So ya! πŸ™‚

Today was a lonely day. Again. Well, but today was amplified. Well, i had a couple of classes today, i guess why am i sad is because we changed class location and we aren’t in our original sitting arrangement anymore. I am no longer together with my good friends. I am not saying that my new seat is not good, i had fun, i am just depressed that i am losing my friends.

Then today during science class, i was the only person in class without a person on my left. 😦 I am simply there working on my own. But, it was due to my own selfishness. I did not want to sit beside someone that is why i moved. Though i was able to complete my work really fast, but hey even a Mel guy wants to be with someone. A lot of me goes to my relationships around me. I consistently write about my relationships with my mentors, my best friend, my friends etc etc.

Oh well, i think everyone is scared of the unknown(a bit Melancholic Reflections now). People are not scared of ghost because they are scary, but because they are unknown and no one knows what will they do. Just look at how many theories are there for what a ghost will do.
They are expected to do these:
– Posses someone
– Act as though they are still alive
– Haunt the killer
– Haunt the place where they died
– Harm the living

They aren’t scared of the ghost because they will do all these things – If they are, they would simply avoid all the places – they are scared because they can’t predict what the ghost is going to do. This uncertainty plays a huge part in many ghost and horror films. How many times were there this scene? The main character opens a closet and when they close it they see blood. they open it again there is nothing inside, but when he/she closes it, the ghost appears in front of her! Now many in the cinema gets scared! Why? For the main character, this is probably the first time seeing a ghost. The ghost character has no depth, there is no back story to the ghost (yet). However, at that point, though the main character doesn’t know the ghost, doesn’t know what he wants or what the ghost can do – can the ghost touch physical bodies? can the ghost talk? – But the unpredictability of the ghost makes it scary.

I have a thought. This encounter is like the first encounter with animals. I don’t know about you, but i used to have this really bad impression of dogs(for in dramas you always see the dog biting someone) and having my sister and mother being scared of dogs doesn’t help. I am wasn’t that scared of dogs at first, but under the impression from my mum, i began to be scared of dogs for two reasons, one, because they are animals and i know nothing about them, they are unpredictable. And two, because i thought all dogs will bite me. Haha, but after a few visits to people’s houses, being educated and experiencing having them in the house, i grew to like dogs a lot! πŸ™‚

Even animals that are trained seems scary to the person who doesn’t know anything about them. You can see that ghosts are scary because it happens mostly at night(i wonder why?), when it is dark and can’t see well and that having a being who is unpredictable is scary. The darkness amplifies the ‘scariness’.

I guess the future is scary because it is quite unpredictable. Yet, i gave up on certain things so that i can trust God more, I shall have faith to believe that God is with me and is guiding me well. New close friends in an old class, Haha, new journey where i need you to be with me!

Sorry for the weird ranting and then some weird thoughts on ghosts! πŸ˜› Hope it has blessed you? Haha!


One thought on “=25= Unclassified: Amplified”

  1. Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the confidence in what we hope for and the assurance of things unseen.

    I want to read into your posts πŸ™‚

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