=26= Worship on/off Stage:

Wow, this week’s worship was so amazing! 🙂 am i glad i did not swap with Josh this week!

These were the songs:
1. Happy Day by Tim Hughes
2. Tell The World by Hillsongs
3. Stronger by Hillsongs
4. I Will Rise by Hillsongs

Well, this week’s set was an acoustic set and it was my third one so far! I usually like acoustic sets for i can really connect myself to the instrument!

I mean, when you are behind a drum set, you will use sticks and pedals to connect to your instrument, but when you are in front of a cajon, you are using your hands to do so! Hence, it allows you to fully express yourself for worship.

I was really happy for Happy Day for I have been practicing that song for my own practice these few weeks! To be able to play it is a joy!
Then for Tell The World, i really like it for I played it for the last acoustic set!
Stronger was the huge challenge. For I remembered this song during probation. It was 3/4 and for me, 3/4 is really tough… Getting the snare at the right place was a challenge.
I Will Rise is quite tough too, considering that it is a new song, but after learning to it, it was stick in my head for some time! 🙂

On Saturday, to be frank, i did not feel good. I felt that i lost the groove on Happy Day’s bridge and that i lost the accent at Stronger. I think what that really got me down was my awkward ‘da dum tsss’ when pastor had an awkward silence. 😦

But overall, it was a good set. I managed to play it quite well. The fills in between the verses for Happy Day was good! And for Stronger the dynamics were pretty nice! As for I Will Rise, this is such an apt song for the congregation! Everyone was going for it! Amazing! Then for Altar Call, i managed to follow my worship leader! My splash for the set sounds really good! So much so that i actually contemplated bringing my own stand to furama!

Well, this acoustic set is different for I had to bring the canon home and bring it to furama! It was a huge burden! But apart from that i really want my own cajon!

Then today, praise songs were good! And for Stronger was kept in time! Then for the last song, wow! I just went all out playing it and God’s presence was so strong!

Let me stop here for a while. I remembered the last J333 i attended last week, God showed me that revival is coming! And it is starting with prayer. For I saw that many G1 youths are coming to pray in J333! I know that many leaders in R-AGE are worried for G1. And have been praying. This particular service, i saw revival. During the altar call, people flooded the altar! Members, leaders, shepherds all were at the altar to respond to the call for living a life for Jesus!

I believe i should be happy and privileged to serve for such a service. To have brought worship there! Yet, i am not.

This has been haunting me for months now. Why is it that though i gained such a amazing way to express my worship, i lost a way to pray for people? It always makes me depressed when i am on stage and not there with my cell. That is why i always try to sit with my cell group every time i serve in furama. I want to pray for my cell kids but i am on stage not being able to pray for my kids and my leaders and my peers. I know praying for them during an altar call and praying during my QT is the same, but have times when i stand in front begging God to sent someone to pray for me and no one comes. Most of the time the people just feel unqualified to pray for him/her. But seriously, i really appreciate people who aren’t spiritually mature but still wants to pray for me. It shows that he/she values me. Being unqualified is just a lie. If you, a child of God is unqualified who is? And it always affected me when i see people who aren’t leaders (yet), who obviously want to pray for their friends or leaders but don’t dare to. If you want to pray for your friends or leaders, PRAY! It is not difficult! By gaining the privilege of worshiping God on stage i lost the privilege of praying for my kids in person. How i wish i could. Thus, this time round, i did not let my sec 4s off, i asked them to pray for the cell! If they don’t pray who will?

I vented it out on my beloved mentor. Sincerely everything is too fast. Way too fast. 😦

Well, debrief was good! Haha, my original worship leader said that i improved a lot! 😀 (Nell, it means A LOT coming from you!) and another worship leader also said that she liked my playing! (Thanks Ga! )

Oh well, revival is coming! Are you ready R-AGE?