=27= Unclassified: Questioning

Oh i am so depressed by the fact that in our generation, caring for someone is being questioned.

Just today, i noticed that my friend was unhappy, or in singlish, sian. So i just asked him why is he so sian. He evaded the question entirely not answering and even replying me with a question. He asked, ‘why do i need to be cheerful everyday to entertain you?’

While it is true that he doesn’t mean it, it is also true that he isn’t as cheerful as before. So why should he question my concern?

Then, i have a close friend who went to the hospital yesterday. I do not know the context so i asked what happened to her. She said it was nothing and stop giving me details. Come on! When someone cares for you, give him some background! (well, at the end she did, but only after asking three times)

It is just so sad that we can’t care for people without being questioned. You care for people, they think you expect them to be cheerful 24/7 and question you why did you ask the question.

Why is it so hard to care for someone these days? I think there are several reasons.

One, fear of questioned. Ironically, the fear of asking a question is resulted in a fear of being questioned. Yet, even i am guilty of it… Many times, i wanted to care for someone but i didn’t because i did not want people to misunderstand. Like, for example, caring for a girl might give people the impression that you like the girl. Or, asking questions might give the person an impression that you are a busybody.

Maybe the second reason is that we weren’t brought up so. So many times, i look to other country’s culture with envy. For they aren’t as conservative as us. I watched dramas where people give hugs to their close friends not just fist bumps and high fives. I watched how i met your mother and see that they did not have boundaries! Oh how i wish that i have that. I always say that my class has no boundaries. However you will see me say it with a smile, for the class is so bonded.

One of the most wanted super powers on earth is mind reading. For most of the time we do not understand the basis of a person’s actions. We see someone do something and we think of the possible ‘meanings’. We made new friends, we wonder did the cheerful initiative greeting get looked upon as if you are fake. So with this super power, there is no longer the need to wonder! Yay! Yet i wonder would you be happy?

People may at certain points in time hate their loved ones. Okay maybe hate is too strong a word. My point is simply this, even with people whom you love, there are things about them that you hate. I always disliked how my best friend would push me away when we are talking in a group. Yet, i still love him. So just imagine that in point in time you angered your friend. Your friend will think thoughts that are really harsh. If you hear them, will you be happy?

Quite truthfully i am thankful i don’t have that power and that others don’t as well(or do they? Hahaha!). Imagine a world where everyone can mind read. Every thing will be boring. There will no longer be books for everyone could just ‘read’ the author’s mind to find things out. By reading people’s mind, people can find out if they are good looking or not. This will resulted in the good looking to be arrogant and the ordinary to be hard on themselves. How will you make friends then? You can immediately know what they see in you – you are attractive/you are not – and judge. Its not that pure thoughts will die out, but people will mix pure and impure thoughts together. There will be no talking, no education, everything new will be old in the matter of seconds.

Oh well, maybe i am just overtaking things. Its fine, its over. Now its just for me to wait and recover.


On the side note, my friends are really nice people, its just me ranting about the world. Don’t see them in bad light. 🙂

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