=29= Worship on/off Stage: Don Moen

I had the amazing privilege to attend a Don Moen Concert last Thursday and it was sincerely awesome! Don Moen is such an amazing worship leader.

Well, I was looking forward to attend this worship session for i know Don Moen is quite amazing(Which was true), but i was preparing myself for a (Singapore term)Lao Lao Worship Session. Don Moen sang many classics that we still do sing in church, but nothing could have prepared me for this awesome session of worship.

Well, Worship for me – when i am off stage – I would try to stand up for the praise songs, I would then try to get myself to the back and sit down and just try my very best to focus on God. Well, this time i do not have the luxury of having space to stand in front and sit at the back for this is a concert hall and i simply can’t pay for two seats just so i can do that. Besides i can’t afford to pay anything, Thanks Mum!

Don Moen spoke this and it was right on target. He spoke of this story. He is parent of teenagers so he prayed everyday for them, he prayed over and over again. He got to a point where he asked God, ‘God, are you tired of Don Moen praying the same prayer over and over?’. God replied, ‘Don, I do not sleep, I do not grow tired or weary, why will i be tired of your prayers?’

I remembered a few beautiful songs and seriously, the recorded music doesn’t do him justice.
1. Uncharted Territory
2. Jesus Paid it All(the hymn, i love this song)
3. Whiter Than Snow by Lenny Leblanc

These are the three that are etched to my brain. Well, i hope i get to worship like Don Moen! šŸ™‚


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