=30= Melancholic Reflections: What Do You Admire?

I did QT today and i was rambling to God about a lot of things. Out of the blue, i began to tell God what do i admire in my mentors and my peers. I listed out four people. My Best Friend, My Mentor, My Regional Leader and my Partner.

My Best Friend. He is someone who has been with me for many years, we watched each other grow. We worked hard together. We played and prayed together. Well, from the top of my head, i can’t think of any qualities, which to me, means that his best qualities are subtle. He is very good with people. Sometimes too good. I felt left out sometimes when he is there giving attention to someone else. He waits for God. Which i seldom do. He knows what to do at the right time. Which i seldom do. He has read the Bible once through. Which i have never. Maybe, it is not that he doesn’t have qualities that i admire, but it is that he is such a direct opposite of me that i don’t realise it.

My Mentor. He is someone who has been with me for so long. He has journeyed ups and downs with me(especially downs). Among the four, i most probably admire him the most. I admire his Influence on people, his Knowledge of the Bible, his Wisdom of knowing what to say at the appropriate time! Sometimes I don’t think what he says is relevant for the current time, but after i walk out of that spot, i realised that he has spoken something that is the most relevant, the most on point. Sometimes, his response is so different from anyone i know, but i give thanks that he has shown me so much faith. I sometimes find my prayers mundane and mediocre. My Mentor always have prayer that are full of the Word – meaning i have to read up on what he spoke to fully understand what was he speaking about!

My Regional Leader. Now this is the leader that was so different from anyone i know. I admire how he is able to always speak the right thing. I admire how he is able to be able to know where is the loop hole. I admire how he puts so much effort into his work. He has shown it through so many areas! He works hard for Cell. He works hard for his school(Takuchi what?). He works hard for me. He took the initiative to call me when i was really scared for my results. He was there for me when i really needed someone. God, gave me this spiritual authority and i am extremely grateful. His Knowledge of the Word and his Relationship with God is simply AMAZING. And he is probably the only one out of the four that is going to read this! Thanks Bro D! You are Awesome! 😀

My Partner. Nope not my wife(in case you dunno, i am 17 now), but my friend who is close to me. Not only that, we are able to show each other our true selves! Well, I also admire his people skills, his Knowledge of the Word. And i enjoy how he ask questions! I enjoy super Mel talks and asking questions. I like how he is able to ask questions that pricks me. He dares to ask questions that no one dares to.

I guess for me it boils down to a few(I had the first three, but i added more)
1. Wisdom
2. People Skills
3. Close Relationship with God
4. Being Sincere
5. Initiative
6. Knowledge of the Word(I realised how different it was from wisdom)

I actually asked all four what do they admire from their mentors, that is why there are more points! 🙂 I guess these are qualities that draws me to someone!

Thank you for reading! Hope you have been blessed! 🙂