=68= Words of Melancholy: Don’t Sweat The Details

I noticed i get annoyed with a few things.

People asking me what time, what place and what is happening next(in my camp). In the camp, many of my district’s members kept asking me, “what’s next?” or worse “what time is dinner?”. My response is normally, “I am not sure, let me check”. Why do you need to know everything? Is knowing everything really necessary? To ask all these questions proves your distrust of your main comm(in the camp). I sincerely don’t think knowing everything can change anything. Sometimes my kid would want the exact time we meet, but come on we will never be exact, rather than that, wouldn’t calling me when you reach be better? Stop sweating the details! If i know everything about my life, my life loses meaning and thrill. Asking God questions yet not receiving any reply can be very frustrating for me, i know, but very often, when we ask God such questions, we already have something in our hearts that we desire. All we want is God’s approval. What if God says no? Would you listen?

People checking the time when i am teaching. This is really annoying because i am trying my best to teach you and you are checking the time for you to leave? That is disrespectful to the teacher. Please the teacher has prepared so much for you you know.

People giving me stupid replies to my serious questions. When i am trying my best to connect, i am trying to listen. I will be vulnerable with you, please give me some content. I do not ask of you to be serious all the time, i go crazy sometimes too, i am just asking you to be serious for the right time.

This is just me ranting, so sorry!