=72= Melancholic Reflections: Led

Today was my debut back in J333! Finally after almost two months, i had the chance to go for it! It was satisfying! Really satisfying! 🙂

Well, though i was really looking forward to spending this Wed with my mentor, i guess it is good that he cancelled with me-i will explain in a while.

I did my homework. I had a pretty good dinner. I went back to read my book and wait for people i know to come for J333. However, i was disappointed. Very few youths i know came. I guess it is the exams period after all.

I did met Sis Andrea though! 🙂 i really enjoyed being able to read books with her, but seriously, she reads way too fast… She finished one of my books in like 20 minutes! O_O

Then came the actual prayer meeting. I prayed, and geared God tell me to take off my shoes. I was ok with it, after all, i like going barefooted. They told us to pair up, so i prayed with Sis Andrea, she prayed over my pride. I prayed over her uncertainty. Actually thinking back have i prayed with Sis Andrea before?

Then, came the thing that made my day. I went to the toilet and when i came out, i saw this malay woman sitting at the staircase. I felt burdened to go up to her and speak to her, i went pretty close but i chickened out.

I returned, the MC wanted us to take a rock to symbolize us building our altar. I took one and prayed, i felt really troubled not taking the effort and faith to go up to her and speak to her. I convinced myself to go after her.

When i reached the staircase, she was about to leave. So i said, “Hi”

She looked back.

“How can i pray for you?”


“How can i pray for you?”


“How can i pray for you?”

“You want to pray for me?” she replied giving me a surprised look.

“Yeah, i want to pray for you”

“Urm, you can pray for me to be calm, i get overly anxious and nervous and hyperactive sometimes, that is why i came here to meditate”

I prayed over her, but i was really cautious over the words i used for i do not want her to be uncomfortable and not understand what i was talking about.

I remember two words/phrases that i spoke. “sister”. It was just the start, but i decided to call her my sister. This word seems to have touched her. “for many years”. She never told me that she had this condition recently or years ago, but i spoke these words and it fits.

I apologized for disrupting her peace, but she assured me saying that she has never experienced this before and that it was nice. 🙂

I walked away telling God that he sucks(in a playful way, like you do with friends), but then thanking him for this opportunity!



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