=79= Melancholic Reflections: Poly

I am not sure if i have ever said this before; I really enjoy Poly life. Not because it is slack or anything, but because i enjoy the system and the people.

In secondary school, you will go through one/one and a half hour(s) of lessons. You will take up like 4 subjects a day and receive homework from each subject. In poly, i have 3/2 hour lessons, and i take 2 subjects a day. In every sense, this does not mean i like long lessons, but rather that i have more time to absorb what the teacher taught! Homework is more manageable as well.

Then, i like the class structure. Last year, i had a class of 23 people, compared to my secondary school of 42. When you have a smaller class, bonding is easier, you make close friends easier. Back in secondary school, i am only close to a few people, the people sitting around me, my DnT friends and my Math group. Not that it made such a big difference in Poly, i didn’t have many friends, only, the two girls that sat beside me, the bridge group and my good friend that stays a block away. People in poly seemed to be more mature and they are more acceptive of who to be their friends.

I really give thanks for the chance to study in Ngee Ann! 🙂