=83= Days to Remember: Ministered

Well, its been a while since i did one of these.

The day started out like how i would normally start. Plan my entire day, pack it with lots of things to do. I planned to visit my friend in the hospital, go to school, meet my mentor, go for classes, then go to church and lepak/play drums finally rehearsals. However God would not let me have the perfect day that i planned out.

It started out with a phone call from my mum, asking me to go to my grandmother’s. I went and my grandmother was speaking nonsense. She claimed to be dying soon and wants to meet all her children. She also asked for an ambulance, which was very strange considering that she hates hospitals. I had this desire to pray for her, yet i did not act upon it. I was chased to school by my mum. Right when i reached the bus stop, 109 came and i took it. On the bus however, it drove me to think about what if my grandmother really did pass away on that day? I believe i would regret never ever praying for her.

I got off the bus, crossed the road and waited for another bus. it was 156 that does not go to my gramps directly. So i had to walk a bit. While walking, i saw another 109 approaching. It seems like it is tempting me to stop walking and not pray for my grandmother. When i reached the place, my mum was the first to react, “Eh, why are you here? What happened?” i replied saying that i want to pray for ah ma.

Most of my uncles and aunts disapprove. My eldest aunt said that my grandmother would not like it. So i simply went to my grandmother’s room and told her that i wanted to pray for her. However, she did not understand. So i was there begging for people to translate for me, but no one wanted to help me. The only phrase they translated was “I want to pray for you” my aunt translated to “He wants to speak good words to you”. I will not go into the difference between good words and prayer, but simply take note that it is different. One is speaking to God, the other is kinda of like a blessing. Yet, when she heard it, she rejected me as well. She was tearing but she tells me to go to school.

Still i spoke, i tried my best to pray for her. My mother was there praying for her too. I really give thanks that she supported me. I left, never feeling as useless and helpless in my life.

I was angry, i was disappointed, why can’t things be smoother?

I eventually managed to text Sis Ga about it and i met up with Aaron, also telling him about it. He had a nice talk. I simply felt shortchanged. You have to understand, i really did put in my best into that prayer. i pushed through everything just to pray for my grandmother, why can’t it be that she accepts my prayer?

Well, i rushed to school, only to have my lessons cancelled, which was quite a blessing. I managed to find time to visit my friend! So i took two bus down to CGH. I saw Twisters there and they told me to follow PJ and Aaron in. So even though i felt sian because i was unable to have as much fun with my batch, i did manage to witness something quite cool.

I got a ride from pastor to buona. then i simply took the train down to G2. Well, i stayed at level 1 to get some of the material of the crash course down. I was going through notes that i use like 3 years ago. Well, i managed to spend some time studying, so it is good! Shena also came and join me, so ya, had fun making fun of her pea/wasabi/chilli pencil case.

During rehearsal, i was very happy i was able to speak and teach Gabbi how to play the cajon! She was very stable in her tempo already! So ya, that was good! 🙂

We took a bus to the MRT, so we split up cause some went to the green line, others to the red line. It doesn’t make a big difference for me, so i simply took the red line because only one girl was going there. So we spoke and she suddenly out of the blue said, “Tell me something!”

I just went like, “What?”

Well, the conversation flowed to her troubles about choosing a mentor to guide her and help her grow. So i simply analysed the three people she had in mind to mentor her. It got to a point where we actually went out of the MRT, i walked her home and she was still puzzled by who to choose. I really give thanks for this chance to minister to her. I always wanted to do this with my boys, but not many actually approach me with their problems and troubles. So i am very thankful for the chance to help and teach someone.

I look back now, it was a long day, yet it was really fulfilling. I witnessed my Mum wanting to pray for my grandmother in the hospital. I witnessed the crash course solidifying! So Lord, Thank you for the day! 🙂



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