=86= Words of Melancholy: Molting

Interestingly, many people I know are saying that they are going through a season of pruning. Not that I am skeptical, but I believe that pruning isn’t just for a season. If pruning was just for a season, does that mean after that season, I have no more bad branches?

For me right now, I do not think that I am going through pruning. Rather, I am going through molting.

Molting is a process in which shell fishes would go through. They would shed their exoskeleton so that they can grow bigger, then they would regrow the exoskeleton. In this process, the -let’s say- lobster, would be vulnerable to any external threats.

For me, The Lord has been stripping away my protection. Making me vulnerable. Making me grow. Now he is giving me a new protection. I give thanks! I really do not want to go through that again, but if The Lord wants me to grow again, I am willingly. Please keep me safe Lord.