=87= Melancholic Reflections: Drum Crash Course 2014

Once again, to say that this is a melancholic reflections is inaccurate. More like melancholic’s gratitude.

I just had my idea fulfilled. I just had a crash course for drumming. Now I am super tired, yet, I really enjoyed the experience! 🙂

The idea probably rooted from when I was secondary one. I remember Rhema had this booth that is showcasing CAMY. You have to understand, Twisters just went through a period where we led worship every week! Many talents were uncovered. Many people wanted to join CAMY. I wanted to as well, but I was unable to because I did not play any instrument back then. I was hoping that the church would teach a musical instrument so that I can join in the fun you know!

I was unable to because I had no training.

I only started to learn drums during the November/December holidays when I was sec 2. My mother wanted me to learn something during the holidays, like drawing. I decided to learn drums. To be able to jam with my friends!

It took me really long before I could serve as a drummer in CAMY. Even now, I am still struggling with timing and tempo. I worked really hard. I finally started serving around my second going to third year playing drums.

During the last holidays during December, I wanted to do something meaningful with my holidays. I thought of the idea of a drum crash course even before getting a job to pay for my expensive hobby! I actually don’t mind to teach people if they are willing! I have a heart to want to teach! Perhaps it was the Spirit’s prompting to exercise my spiritual gifts(mentoring, teaching, mercy).

I asked Sis Ga about why don’t CAMY teach music. She mentioned things about manpower and people not being committed. They are very real issues, yet, I still wanted to teach.

I went on to ask Bro Leb about the idea. He asked if I knew how many people wanted to learn; like the demand for it. I did not know anyone who wanted to learn. So he encouraged me to ask the R-AGE Revival page about it. I did not. For I was distracted by many things; I joined an orientation camp, that need lots of time(I enjoyed it though!). So gave up on the idea of the crash course for that holiday.

However, the desire to teach was once again roused. Many people whom I knew started to ask me how to play the drums. I once taught someone whom I did not even knew. It peaked during retreat. So many people asked how to play drums during retreat. SMT, Hui Shi and Andre’s friends. It really made me focus and once again ask Bro Leb about it.

So after I texted him, i inquired on the Facebook page to see the demand. I was originally scared of the response. Augustine’s testimony was there also. So I was afraid that his testimony would overshadow my post. To my surprise, slowly the responses built up. More and more people commented. There is a demand! 🙂

Of course not everything was smooth sailing. I started to work on the materials on last Wed(18 June). Yet, I wasn’t able to photocopy the materials I had in My Drum School due to the copyright issue. So I went primitive. I literally cut and pasted the materials. I wasn’t sure when the crash course would be, I was expecting lots of time to prepare. I wasn’t sure that it was allowed as well.

Bro Leb’s email sealed everything. He wrote an email to Sis Sam and PJ. He has gotten a lobang of $5.50 per pair of sticks. He recommended having it before the holidays ended. It hit me, “it is really going to happen!”

I met up with Sis Sam, I was expecting being grilled and being showed the flaws of the project. Instead, she said it was a good idea and gave us her blessing!

I was scared that even though they commented, no one will actually commit to that day. Surprisingly, most of the people who commented actually responded that they could make it!

I remember yesterday, being unsatisfied with the order of the content, I cut, rearranged and pasted everything. I was scared that the content wasn’t enough.

Today came, I went to church with my cell kid. Supposed to meet Leb at 1, but the Nasi Lemak stall had a super long queue. I also had this fear of Leb rejecting my content. However, he did not and said it looks good!

Many people were late, only Aaron, Justin and Wan Hui was inside the sanctuary. This triggered yet another fear. What if they all did not turn up? We will be left with like 17 sticks….

Thankfully, they were late. Only like 2-3 people did not turn up. We had like 3-4 sticks left.

It was fun! I had like 20 people playing rudiments together. It was super cool! We made them stand up cause we really can’t sit down to hit the chair. So we made everyone stand up and everyone hit the chair.

Just gathering everyone and teaching them how to hold and hit properly took an hour. We spent the next hour to teach them rudiments! Then, finally the drum set.

To be honest, I do not think I have good technique. I do not think I have the capacity to teach people on technique or how to hold the sticks properly. So I simply showed them and tell them a few things that I have watched videos on.

Then the rudiments were challenging. For we were following a metronome, I had trouble listening and counting at the same time. I kept speeding up. Perhaps I need to practice rudiments again! It was very cool to see 20 people lock together and play the same thing. Very cool! 🙂

Then, we went to the drum set. Leb showed them the parts of the drum kit. Showing them the uses of each component and teaching them how to play. This took super long. For we gave time to everyone to try, it all accumulated to about 2 hours. As some people has better coordination skills, some managed to play grooves way faster than some. Some really struggled to put everything together. Some managed to play the grooves at once. If it were to any comfort, when I started out, I struggled really hard to play grooves as well.

Thank you Leb for your resources and help! The $5.50 sticks were really cheap and good. Your help at teaching the technique was amazing! Thank you! 🙂

Thank you Sis Sam, Josh and PJ for your support! 🙂

Thank you people that turned up! Really hope you will continue to learn!

Thank you God for sustaining me and giving me the capacity to teach! Thank you Lord for your gifts! I hoped I have invested well for your kingdom!

Thank you!