=113= Melancholic Reflections: Curse

Kiat said something very interesting. He said that because he studied and knows about planes and how accidents happens, he is very scared to be a passenger of a flight. He found it to be a curse. I went down this train of thought I realised how knowing about something would remove the pleasure of something.

Playing an instrument for example. Before you played an instrument, you are not as aware of wrong chords, wrong tempo etc etc—things that non-musicians/audiophiles would not pick up. After learning it, you become more aware of errors and mistakes. The music that you were once okay with suddenly became horrible to you. Sure, that removed the pleasure of being able to enjoy music with mistakes, but does that mean that it removes the pleasure of listening to music altogether? Of course not! Once you know about how difficult it is to play certain parts or playing together as a band, you learn to appreciate really good music with more awe.

I once read this statement, “doctors are the worse patients”. This is because the doctors know what they are dealing with and so when they are in the place of a patient, they know exactly what a doctor is doing right or wrong. This could lead to distrust of the doctor. Yet another curse.

This is exceptionally interesting because this applies to everything. Knowing how to drive makes you more scared when you are not driving. It is sad that a pleasure is taken away from you, but another form of pleasure is resurfaced. For a musician, you get the joy of playing an instrument and playing together as a band. For a driver, you get the pleasure of driving a car. For a doctor, you get the pleasure of being able to serve your own patients.

This curse is good, for it is only after learning it that you understand what is right and what is wrong. This knowledge of right and wrong helps you to not be a fool, ignorant of it, but still commenting about the subject. You will be able to discern better after knowing what is good and bad.