=118= Words of Melancholy: Choice

“Which would you choose?” She asked me. Her face looked extremely depressed and almost in tears.

What? Why is she about to cry? Of course I would choose the latter! Who would choose to have it difficult?

“I choose having an eternity of the best day of my life.” I answered with confidence.

“Are you sure? It will be the same day everyday…” She said something after that, but I could not make it out. Something about wanting a difficult life. Looks like she is trying to discourage me from choosing the eternity.

“Yes I am sure! Let’s have the best day!”

I blanked out. I have no memory of anything happening urging this period.

I squinted as light poured into my eyes. I tried to make out my surroundings but they are all very foreign to me. It is not my bedroom, but I am not complaining; this is the nicest bedroom I have ever seen! Wow! The bed I was sleeping on was extremely comfortable. It is donned with golden sheets and a warm red blanket. Pillows were so fluffy. I felt like going back to sleep for an hour again but a voice stopped me. “Hey Lazy Bones! Stop sleeping!”

I turned around. It was Quinn. Gosh, she is gorgeous! She was wearing a plain blue t-shirt with FBTs and had no make up on, but she looked so good wearing them. How can someone look so good wearing sleeping clothes? Maybe it is her roast almond hair and big brown eyes that really compliments her t-shirt? I stopped myself to just admire her beauty.

“What?” She noticed I was staring. “Something on my face?”

“Haha, nothing, just looking at how beautiful you are!” I answered.

She blushed. “Of course, don’t you know I am the prettiest girl in the world! Hahahaha!” She said jokingly but she is to me.

“What is going on?” I realised that this was very strange. How did we get here? Didn’t she just ask me about what I would choose?

“I made breakfast already! Your favorite scrambled eggs!” She said cheerily.

“Didn’t you just ask me a question like just now?” I was still puzzled.

“What question?” She too looked puzzled.

“Ah never mind! Let’s have breakfast!” Pushing the question aside.

The scrambled eggs was the best I ever had. So good. So fluffy. The next best thing was the Milo. I can’t stand coffee and I did not like tea. I really enjoyed Milo though! Chocolatey and gives me energy. With the right amounts of milk and Milo power, taste just right! And to top it off, it was all made by Quinn. Gosh, am I lucky to have her as my girlfriend.

After breakfast we went shopping. Apparently we were buying a present for someone but I had no idea who. She refused to tell me who. Hence, I simply enjoyed myself as we went to server alr malls to search for a present. I gathered that it was for a lady, older than us and that is it. Really fun though! We kept laughing at each other’s jokes.

After a long time of shopping, we went to the food court to have lunch. She was so cute as she sat in front of me. She had Thai food as I had this weird mixed rice thing. I really do enjoy having lunch with her. I can eat her leftovers! Hehe!

We then drove to beach. Apparently, there was some flea market thing going on at the mall near the beach, so we walked there. I thought it was going to be a drag, but there stalls selling watches as well. I bought like two watches from the market. Quinn bought like 5 dresses, oh well, it does look good on her! Wow, but it was such a great day!

After putting our buys into the car, we went for a stroll down the beach. We slowly walked and finally sat down on the sand. She put her head on my shoulder and leaned against me. She doesn’t know this, but I really enjoy it when she does this, it makes me feel needed and close to her. The sunset was perfect. There were little clouds. The rays of velvet just made it so romantic. A playful idea just popped into my head.

“Hey Quinn, can I kiss you?” I said playfully.

She lifted her head immediately. She gave me a coy smile and said no. Then she elaborated on why. Like how I was insincere about it.

So I held her hand and said, “Dear Quinn, I love you, you are very beautiful. I think you are perfect. You are cute, you have an amazing personality and you are my girl friend. Wow! You are my girlfriend! I can’t believe you are my girlfriend!” Then as I looked straight into her eyes I said, “may I kiss you?”

She blushed and smiled. Then said yes. So I moved my head forward. As my lips touched her pink lips, I blanked out.

Light got into my eyes again. Then I heard Quinn’s voice, “Hey Lazy Bones! Stop sleeping!”

I jumped up. Wait, didn’t this just happen? I was really puzzled. I asked Quinn, but she found me crazy.

Then everything happened the same. The great breakfast. Shopping. Lunch. Market. Beach. Then I blanked out right after my lips touch her lips. Then I return to the bed with light going into my eyes again.

I realised what caused this. Quinn’s question. I said I wanted an eternity of the best day, so it happened again and again.

I tried to do things differently, but every time I tried something different, I will blank out and return back to the bed.

Everything is the same everyday. Bed. Breakfast. Shopping. Lunch. Market. Beach. Kiss then blank out. The only thing I can control is how early I can blank out. As long as I tried something different, I will return to that bed.




I lost count of how many days or times I blanked out and returned to the bed. It was boring. Having the same day everyday is a curse. I try to kill myself, but I simply blank out and return to the bed. How am I going to do the other things that I wanted to do in my life? I want to travel overseas. I want to learn a new musical instrument, guitar or something! But no. Everyday is the same. -sigh-

Perhaps having a normal life with difficulties is not that bad after all.

I blanked out.

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