=120= Words of Melancholy: Passive

I need to remember, stop waiting on the perfect moment. There is none. If you are waiting for the perfect moment to serve, you are waiting in vain. There will be things you struggle with in different points of your life.

Always waiting on the perfect moment, always being so careful you will regret it. You are an idiot if you are always putting things tomorrow. Why are you always looking for the right moment, right vibe, right atmosphere? Sheesh, go all out, get out of your shell! Do not be passive, only to regret it later on.

I hate being so useless and passive at a time like this. God, why am I so useless? No what is worse, I am passive! God, I really can’t stand myself now. I am in such a horrible place. Lord, won’t you give me courage and strength? So I can give others courage and strength.

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