=122= Gear I HAVE: Audrey and Hazel



Cool right? Hahaha! I am once again very thankful for the gear that I have! I have a very nice snare drum and a cajon. My snare drum is called “Audrey” and the cajon is called “Hazel”.

I realised that I name my stuff based on movie characters. Audrey is the wife of Flectcher Reed of Liar Liar and Hazel is Hazel Grace Lancaster from The Fault in our Stars. A reason why I name my gear those names are partly because of the colour as well. Audrey seemed to have a loose link to Autumn, so because it is the reddish brown kinda colour, I named it Audrey. Hazel is a bit darker I guess, but sounds really warm as well.

Audrey is donned with the Hydraulic Black drumhead for the batter side and the Hazy 300 on the snare side. When I played it today, I was so impressed with the sound and response! It was just a very good snare sound.

Oh I realised that I never did explain how I got Hazel. I actually wanted a cajon for a very long time. I wanted my own so I can kinda jam with friends when they have a guitar. I finally did it when I went for the class chalet yesterday! So much fun! I never could afford one though. I could afford the cheapest in the range, but I do not want the cheapest. I learned that a musician should always buy something better, this is for a better resale value and a better sound. So always look out for promotions and second hand stuff. I was just discussing with Elvin about it, then, I saw Singapore Drum Shop having a promotion for the drum box cajon. This is a very expensive cajon, 500 dollars, it marked down to 330. Together with the bag, it was 355. I got it for my birthday! Hazel’s sound is amazing! Love the resonance of the bass and the way the acoustics of the cajon was treated; I can hit ANY surface of the cajon and still get a very good sound from it.

I give thanks for Audrey and Hazel! May I use these instruments for your glory God! 🙂