=129= Gear I Want: Cymbals

Well, I have a snare and a cajon! Which is extremely nice! Very happy with it! Now, I want my own set of cymbals! Haha, but sadly, I cannot afford a set… 😦

Ok, you needa understand something, cymbals are something that is exactly what you pay for. There is no fine tuning and no replacement parts for it. What you buy on the first day is what you get. This is exactly why buying the right cymbals are so important. Let me describe my ideal cymbals.

Hi-Hats – need to be definite. Open hi-hats sound needs to be sizzling and not too jarring.

Crashes/Splashes – needs to be sensitive and usable for any kind of acoustics—which means, they are dark type cymbals. Cymbal swells need to be clean. It would be nice to have a nice bell sound.

Ride – need to be crash-able. When riding, there should be some wash so as to fill up spaces in a song. Bell needs to be cut but not jarring. Wash riding needs to be not jarring as well.

China – needs to cut. A little wash in a China is quite nice.

Every single piece should have a nice blend together. Now what brand? For the longest time, Zildjian Cymbals has been my favorite cymbal company, after all, Leb uses them and they are great. However, I want to have different cymbals then Leb. Leb has all the very expensive cymbals, like the Constantinople Ride and Crash. I am quite unhappy that You can only find Zildjian in Yamaha in Singapore, which is famous for jacking the price WAY too high. 😦

I wanted to get TRX cymbals, however, I tried their cymbals and they sounded meh. Their BRT splash was so annoying in Singapore Drum Shop. The sustain lasted for so long. Perhaps it is the acoustics but nah. So I tried the DRK, which was surprisingly good, it has a great raw bell sound with good stick definition. but the wash is just too much. I am seriously considering this, cause they have a 25% off thingy going on when you buy it as a set.

Paiste Cymbals. I actually really liked Paiste cymbals. The ones in the chapel sounded pretty good! However, there are a few problems. Leb complained about the ride being too dry, which I can’t judge cause I have not been to G2 service as part of the congre for very long. The cymbals were too bright as well. However, I recently checked out their sound on their website and their Masters series just impressed me. The hi-hats was exactly like what I wanted. I can’t judge the crashes. The ride was too washy. So I decided upon a signature traditional thin ride. However, I am not sure Ranking would have these cymbals and the price might be too much as well… :/

Well, it is a luxury item. I have this plan on going army and spending my pay on cymbals. Other gears I want as well:

A Brass Patina 13×7 snare. This looked extremely pretty. I want a snare drum that is different dimensions as Audrey. This was what I named in advance. Hopefully one day I will get it.

1964 ears V8 or V6 stage. I want customs. 😦

Recently I also did my research on dynamic and armature drivers. Apparently Dynamic drivers has a better bass response and Armature has a better treble response. So i was thinking why not have a hybrid model? So I found out that Null Audio has a model with one dynamic driver and two armature. I really want one. Gosh so nice sia. :/

I also want to try the IM50s! So cool sia, 88 dollars for a earphones with detachable cable!

Oh and I decided to wait for Black Friday to see if the Roland Drumset would be cheaper on Amazon. Hopefully they would. I really want a good product for practice.

So far these are all. However, I am very happy with what I have now! 🙂 Shure SE215s are super good. My snare sounds and feels awesome with the Hydraulic Black head! Ruth, my drumset has been my practice for control. I now have to really practice playing softer in order for my neighbors not to complain. So it has been quite well. Playing softer has allowed me to vary my dynamics more.

Thank you God for blessing me! 🙂


=128= Words of Melancholy: Eye Contact

This is not THAT Mel luhh. Hehe! I am feeling pretty great right now. 🙂

A flaw in me. Not making eye contact with the person I am talking to. I dunno about you, but I find it difficult to maintain eye contact with someone especially girls. I only noticed this when Mindez said that she used to not make eye contact, then she realised that it was very rude.

Eye contact is very important. After all, the eyes are the window to the souls right? Haha, yesterday I saw someone’s eyes and they were beautiful. For me, the most attractive part of a woman are their eyes. I would notice eyes that would really melt me. How ironic is it right? That I love a person’s eyes but I can’t maintain eye contact. Perhaps I am just too conscious. I really struggle to maintain eye contact. I shall be more conscious and be initiative to maintain eye contact.

Talking about eyes being the window of the soul, I really find that true. The eyes can reveal whether you have been sleeping well—eye bags around one’s eyes = have not been sleeping well/never sleep. The eyes can reveal if one is bored, happy, sad, angry etc etc. I think one of the most beautiful sights is a girl with tears in their eyes. Haha, I sound so weird… But something about tears that make the eyes look REALLY attractive. Haha, I have this desire to wipe the tears of a someone’s face as well. It is really comforting to have your tears wiped off by someone. Haha, let’s see! 🙂