=128= Words of Melancholy: Eye Contact

This is not THAT Mel luhh. Hehe! I am feeling pretty great right now. 🙂

A flaw in me. Not making eye contact with the person I am talking to. I dunno about you, but I find it difficult to maintain eye contact with someone especially girls. I only noticed this when Mindez said that she used to not make eye contact, then she realised that it was very rude.

Eye contact is very important. After all, the eyes are the window to the souls right? Haha, yesterday I saw someone’s eyes and they were beautiful. For me, the most attractive part of a woman are their eyes. I would notice eyes that would really melt me. How ironic is it right? That I love a person’s eyes but I can’t maintain eye contact. Perhaps I am just too conscious. I really struggle to maintain eye contact. I shall be more conscious and be initiative to maintain eye contact.

Talking about eyes being the window of the soul, I really find that true. The eyes can reveal whether you have been sleeping well—eye bags around one’s eyes = have not been sleeping well/never sleep. The eyes can reveal if one is bored, happy, sad, angry etc etc. I think one of the most beautiful sights is a girl with tears in their eyes. Haha, I sound so weird… But something about tears that make the eyes look REALLY attractive. Haha, I have this desire to wipe the tears of a someone’s face as well. It is really comforting to have your tears wiped off by someone. Haha, let’s see! 🙂


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