=133= Words of Melancholy: Bublé


Actually a lot of people don’t understand why am i flipping out. Michael Bublé is my favourite singer. His Christmas album was the first album i ever bought. His AMAZING album set me off a journey to collect albums.

I really fell in love with his voice. His voice is sooooo good. It is a very nice baritone voice. His range is amazing. I have not heard another singer with his amazing smoothest in his voice. I watched his concerts online and he is not just an amazing singer, he is an amazing entertainer. His interactions with the crowd, his jokes, his charisma on stage is something i have not found in another singer.

I have like 4 albums from him! So good! It will REALLY be awesome if there is an autograph session! I searched online, an autographed Christmas Michael Bublé album is $249 DOLLARS!!!! :O Gosh! That is like 10 times the price of the album! If i get his signature on my album, i will earn back every penny i will spent on tickets this coming tour! NICE! But i will not want to sell though! HAHA! Kinda like a paradoxical feeling.

I was just complaining to Leb last thurs that Michael Buble(i will leave the ‘e’ as ‘e’ now) never comes to Singapore and just yesterday i saw the news and i was like hitting my friends bugging them that Michael was coming! I am sincerely considering to sign up for the membership so i can order tickets early. I just realised how fast the tickets runs out. God, please grant me a ticket… 😦

I journeyed with his music for years. I still remember that Everything gave me such comfort when i was sad.

I really want to go, please don’t get sold out… 😦