=134= Words of Melancholy: Walk

Stupid me.

I am extremely impatient when it comes to waiting for the bus. My tolerance for waiting is like 10 minutes. Anything higher and I would try to find an alternate route. It is not that it is bad, but I do waste a lot of time trying to get to the place I wanna go.

Just now, 985 took 17 minutes to come. So the little inpatient me just had to take another bus, stop at the wrong stop, decide to walk to church, realise that I am unable to cross over the mountain, walk down, walk up the hill or terrace houses only to give up and take a bus to the MRT. I wasted a total of 50 minutes trying to get there, when I did not. I can’t say thr it was all bad though, I enjoyed my walk, even though I sweat bullets. It was a nice walk.

I walked around in circles and realised it was all in vain, but my legs got stronger and I was able continue longer, so I realised that it was worth it, because I walked with my own two legs.

Someone pointed out that I was VERY sang. Looks like it is true. Mel Sang it is.


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