=135= Words of Melancholy: Melt

A man walked into a bus. He sat down and folded his arms. Everyone noticed the weight in the air he brought into the bus.

He stared sternly at the little girl which appeared to be his daughter. The little girl was being noisy and irritating to her father. The man finally spoke for the first time in the bus, “Do you want me to hit you?” With a firm and strong tone.

The girl said no and was about to cry, but it was then this clever little girl went up to her father for a hug. The father put his arms out for an embrace. The heavy aura of the stern father simply lifted. The air was filled with a simple atmosphere of a loving father.

“Daddy, your breath stinks!” Said the adorable little girl as she backed away from her father.

The man finally smiled.

What a joy it is to be a parent. To have someone totally melt your heart with words with so much innocence. To have your strong front melted even when you are trying to discipline your child. Haha, sounds great!