=136= Worship on/off Stage: Freedom

Wow! I just came back from the first set where playing with the metronome isn’t THAT much a struggle! 🙂

It is a funny feeling. It is like the thing that has been holding you back has now released you to a greater height. Kinda like an elevator, it traps you in for a period of time, then it releases you to a higher ground.

Of course playing with the metronome is still a struggle, especially the first and last song where I simply wanted to speed up a little, but i held myself back and it was really fun with so much freedom! 🙂 because now I am no longer responsible of the tempo on my on ahgaration, I am able to play the right tempo! Of course, there were places where I simply off the metronome(the third song), because it was rather distracting for everyone and I was speeding up and since we were going into the climax, it would be more annoying to slow down than to off the metronome, so I offed(is this even a word?) the click. However, we all agreed that the atmosphere was amazing in that song! Well, I am really hoping I will be able to replicate the same thing on Sat and Sun!

I am really grateful. Really grateful. Lord, thank you for blessing me even though I am full of sin. Father, thank you for bringing me my salvation. Lord, please be by my side. Never let me go! Thank you Lord. May I use my gifts for your glory Lord.

On a side note, I absolutely LOVED my snare tone! Wow! So much response and power! Full and amazing! It was awesome! Thank you Lord for Audrey! 🙂