=138= Melancholic Reflections: Tuition

It is the end of an era and I feel so anti-climatic. I just had the last math tuition today.

Not many people know this, the reason why I am half as good at math is really because of my Tuition teacher. I started taking lessons when I was around sec 3/4, I am really thankful that he taught SO well. He forced me to think and use my brain before telling me the answer. This process helped me to spot my own mistakes, helped me to learn new topics faster and allowed me to remember patterns in math problems.

He did not just impact me in the way of math. He was a very close friend to me. He was the person that got me started on my obsession with good pencils. He recommended me to watch dramas that I really adore now. He is such a friend, that was probably part of the reason why I wanted him to continue to teach me even after N Levels.

Lord, I give thanks for this great teacher that you have blessed me with. May you continue to support me as I walk this math journey alone now. Thank you Lord.