=140= Words of Melancholy: See


“What?! The ghost wants to eat the human alive? Hahaha! That is ridiculous!”

I apologize for my unique sense of humor, you see, things like this never happens. Why would I know? That is because I am able to see the spiritual realm.

This is not some cliche Hollywood movie with a kid that has a third eye. I only have two eyes, thank you. -.- I am just as normal as everyone you know. I have two legs, two arms, two eyes, one head. I go to school, play sports, only able to run and not fly. Apart from being able to see the spiritual realm, I am very much the same as you.

I started to be able to see the spiritual realm when I was 12. It was a very weird occurrence; I was in church when I saw demons. I did not even realise what they were. They do not look anything like the cartoons. They do not have red skin, claws or even a pitch fork. In fact in appearance they do not even look scary. They were probably the most handsome and pretty of the people there. They had something different though. They were not breathing. It was strange. It was not just the movement when one breathes. It is, I guess the closest word I can put down to is aura? A person who does not breath have a very different presence. They do not feel alive. You know how sometimes you can feel someone looking at you or trying to steal something? It is the direct opposite feeling to that. It is as though they do not have presence. When I realised they were demons, I was so scared because I have no idea what they can do. Now, I am scared because I have no idea whenthey are going to attack.

I realised that it was the spiritual realm when I see that they are able to do things that humas can’t. They are able to do things like fly and walk through walls.

Now I have to talk about Angels don’t I? I see them all the time as well. They are like humans as well, but instead of having no presence, their presence is Enormous. They have such an aura that it is almost like they are endowed with glory. It is crazy how amazing their aura is. Whenever there is an angel, there will be little demons around. It is like they are mosquito repellent for the demons. However, they will fight once in a while.

Another being which I experienced are ghosts. I began this post by laughing at a horror movie, that is because so many people have such a bad impression of ghost. First error is that they always give ghost a body. It is always that ghosts have the appearance of his/her physical body and somehow or another, they will have crazy strength to hold people up. However, that is NOT true. Ghost are simply the soul of the dead. They have no appearance and no strength at all. They will be fought over by the demon and angel. Who will win you ask?

It is not up to them.

Once you become a ghost with only your soul. You have no power over your salvation or damnation. You can only follow who you are closer to. You can only fight when you are alive, when you are dead, that is it. The angel will try, but mostly in vain.

I can see. I can feel presence. However, I cannot prevent a soul’s damnation once he/she becomes a ghost. I am unable to even lift a finger on a demon even when I see him eye to eye. It is as if he does not even care about me knowing that the spiritual realm is real because he knows that I have no power against me.

I have a way to fight the devil though. I simply do what God tells me. Simple as it sounds, it really isn’t. Even with a perspective of the spiritual realm, I have my own pride. However, it is rather entertaining to see the devil hurt when I do the right thing! I do not have any power to hurt him, but the one that holds me do.


Ok, for people not used to my post on blogs, I have a habit of writing stories on my blog. It sometimes has link to Bible passages(like Adam and Eve) sometimes not. This story is not in anyway biblically accurate. I just got intrigued over the idea of someone being able to see ghosts. Also party due to a Coldplay song! Haha! Hope you like it! 🙂
Please do not kill me for the super inaccurate biblical references! 🙂