=142= Comfort Songs: Shawn Kok

Wah, these are SO good! :DDDD

I think Shawn Kok is probably the first person in Singapore to get endorsed by a cajon company. I knew but i never did check him out until recently and he is SOOO good. Wow! No wonder he has played for Tiffany Alvord and David Choi!

His way of playing the cajon and tambourine is so smart. The levels of dynamics he can get is amazing. Splashing on 4 rather than 1 is pretty nice as well. Recently, i really fell in love with the sound of a tambourine. it can add such dynamics and feel to the song! Perfect technique, can play guitar and can sing! Wow! amazing! I also just fell in love with Charlene Torres Tan’s voice! Such a husky and beautiful tone! Why didn’t she win Singapore Idol sia! Nice leh! I am quite proud that this is from a Singaporean! Talent in SG is not dead guys! 🙂

Need to practice with the cajon already! No excuse, got myself a cajon already, must practice! Hopefully one day i can sound as good as he does!


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