=143= Melancholic Reflections: J333

Surely the God that made you can use you.

Interesting! 🙂 Very very cool! Thank you God for blessing me with a J333!

J333 is really where I find rest. It is an amazing avenue for me to worship and rest in the presence of God. I really wished I could go every week, but well, I can find rest in a different place.

First, I got a bit of my math done! Thank God for time, hopefully I can match the speed of the annoying teacher. Well, I really want a someone to adopt me! Haha! Like you know how Kennaf and Nathan are! Aiya, it is a funny request, but well, let us see! 😀

Then, worship was great! 🙂 it was very cool to see Augustine actually wanting to pray for others, but didn’t dared to! Thank you God for allowing me to encourage them! It was really satisfying for me to see him step up and pray out loud for them for healing!

Pastor Scott called for people with a muscle pulled on their left leg! So cool, that is me! 😀 stupid me slipped while trying to get over the floorball fence, bring down three boards at the same time. Oh well, at least I get to laugh! Haha!

I went out to the toilet and I felt burdened to pray for a lady sitting there with her phone. I went up to her to pray for her. I felt silly, but I really thank God for using me.

Sis Andrea came! Haha! It’s been so long! Sight for sore eyes! 🙂

Then I got to go home with Miss Gao. Miss Gao is someone very amazing. She takes initiative to do things that no one does. She asks about why I went up to the altar. She asked me how I am doing. Maybe I do enjoy talking, well, it is good to break the silence. She is the person God has sent to counsel and encourage me to do something. This is probably my highlight of today. Thank you for a bit of healing today Lord.

Can’t run away from God. Need not just to forgive seven times, but seventy seven times. Lord, teach me.

Lord, am I really that straightforward? Haha, Miss Gao knew exactly who I was talking about when I told her about my struggle. She said that it was just me. Am I really that easy to read? Haha, it is good I guess! Being real and authentic is something I really want to thrive towards. My mentors are really people who are real! I give thanks for that! Lord, may you use me in more ways that I ever imagined. Lord, give me a voice to sing for you. Lord, give me wisdom to teach your people. Lord, give me wisdom and opportunities to touch people. Father, give me a fire that will keep burning for you.

Thank you Lord! 🙂



Slightly after this post, Esna bugged me to say something. So ya, now she knows. Esna, if you are reading this, please remember that with great power comes great responsibility!
Thank God for sharing the load though! 🙂

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