=145= Words of Melancholy: Better

Why is it better for you to run after the bus?

Sometimes when I go out with my mum, we would see a bus approaching, I would try chasing the bus while my mum would continue walking and sigh.

My mum is not at fault. My mum is getting old and I understand why. However sometimes I would have the same effect with my friends and I just get annoyed. You are young with two good strong legs, why don’t you try?

Same with sports. My floorball team aren’t very good at running, so what they do is that they would wait for the right time to strike. However, the problem is that there is no good time, sure, once in a while there is one, but not all the time. Their plan is bound to fail.

I personally think that one should try his/her best to try. If you miss the bus, fine, it is expected, but if you catch the bus, you save so much time. If you simply exert yourself a bit this one time, you can rest the entire bus ride with aircon. Same with sports, if you fail and lose a game it is expected, but if you score a point and win, you become more of a man.

I see so many people not trying because they do not believe in themselves. Whether is it Leadership or CAMY, participating in a game or singing in karaoke, they stop themselves being able to achieve their potential. You can ask any musician or athlete, would any of them say that they did not get where they are with hard work? Sure you may not think that you have the talent or ability to do so, but no one becomes a genius overnight. Even the fastest learners need time to absorb and perfect their craft and skill. As a drummer, you have no idea how many low points I had in my service. I failed countless times before being able to play half as well as I can now.

Guys, try. You have no idea what can transpire.


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