=147= Words of Melancholy: Shows

“Oh no, it’s raining.” He said as he put his cap on.

“It’s not rani…”

“No, it is raining” while a tear drops down his face.

People unfamiliar with FMA and the context in which why Mustang said it would believe that he said it to cover up his tears. Sure, it might, but it also has a hidden meaning. Mustang is the flame alchemist. His way of combat is to use alchemy to concentrate oxygen around his glove, then he would use the his gloves, snap and make a spark, then BOOM. Even though it is extremely powerful, it has its limitations. He is unable to make a spark when it is raining. He is useless in the rain. He is saying that he is useless. Useless to protect his friend.

Another scene from shows that I really liked was Big Bang theory. The scene where they gave Howard many possibilities of what was in the letter from his Dad and one of it was true. So in this way, he can still not know while knowing—a very clever and genius way of doing things. It is one of those moments where TBBT could actually keep moment and keep a secret or continuity. The series has trouble creating continuity in certain things. They did not keep the champagne until one of them got a good break, they decided to write that off and I think that that was so sad. This moment is able to capture this relationship without revealing too much, hence giving room for continuity. In my opinion, the most well written scene. It is very well shot as well. If you notice the transitions, they quite cleverly changed the way they approached Bernadette. Instead of the simple switch frame transitions, they dolly-ed into her shot, making us notice her answer even more—a good way of telling the audience the answer without telling the cast.

Many authors whom I read grew up in a culture of reading books. For me, I grew up watching shows. It has been my favourite past time for a very long time. I think because of that, the way of writing, the way of doing things might be very different. Well, I do think that there is value in watching shows.