=149= Melancholic Reflections: Marathon

I just came back from a very fun and nice movie marathon with JED! council. So fun sia! It is not just about what movie we are watching, it is 75% the company we have.

Personally, LC this year has been one of my greatest supports of the year. It has been such a family to me and I just love spending time with them! I just realised that my sense of humor is vastly different from my friends in LC… 😦 Liar Liar was not as funny to them as it was to me.

During the marathon, we skped Esna. It was very happening! 🙂 Esna, would have loved to talk to you more, but I think it would be chaotic if I tried to talk at the same time! So Ya! Glad to be able to see your lovely face! 🙂 if you are reading, I have convinced myself to go for ‘no’ over the issue. I would stop myself now because I would not want to throw away my calling. Let me focus at one thing at a time. Haha, talk to me! 🙂

One highlight of the marathon was Buddy. This super cute 8-year old dog has so much energy and is such an abundant of joy. I would say that I was sleeping and Buddy stepped on me, but I rather liked it! He pays attention to people way better than a lot of the other dogs I know. He would look me in the eye for long periods of time and play with me! He is very cute but very smelly too! This really stirred up the desire of owning a dog.

Before this marathon, I actually thought of how we could have breakfast together as a LC. I have a simple desire, one day if I become a RL, I will have a simple breakfast in the morning with my LC before they go for their cell at 9am. It will be perfect, I will go buy food at Redhill Market then will bring it there! This is something I want to do one day! Let’s see!

Then Worship today was extremely tiring. Being as tired as I am, I would really rather stay where I am. However, I promised to worship God the way I would on stage off stage and so I jumped. It was really shack. During the worship songs, I really cannot concentrate at all. I was complaining to God how tired I was.

Thank you God for Footsteps. I am really grateful for my cell being how it is. A family. A band of brothers. Loving each other with a kind of love that is so rare. Lord, quoting Hana Kimi, I feel like I can do the impossible when I am with them! Thank you Lord!

I am so tired, but now I am gonna crash! Thank you Lord for your providence! 🙂


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