=151= Melancholic Reflections: Visions

I had a wonderful day today! 🙂

I had a wonderful lunch with my class, dinner with my PFP classmates. Had fun hi-five-ing people from Red camp. Nice J333, where I found my soul to be refreshed. Prayed for this amazing person named, Pei En(if I am not wrong)

I first noticed her when she was outside of the service hall as I walked out of the hall to the toilet. Then, when I got back, I saw her troubled, saw her kinda stressed over something. Had the urge to go and just pray for her. Went up to her and I was surprised at the her depth. She is definitely WAY more spiritually mature than me. WAY more. She received a vision from God. She saw a guard lion, lion being the church, with its head turned around. She also received the words, “what good is a guard dog if it’s head is turned”. The interpretation is that the church’s leadership is not facing the right direction. She was troubled over the fact that she was not able to put a bible verse to back it up and that the church was a guard dog.

I do not have the gift of interpreting visions, but I do have the gift of encouragement. I also lack depth to pray much over the subject. So instead of praying over the vision. I prayed over her. Prayed that she will not be anxious. She will have peace. Prayed that she will received assurance that it is from the Lord.

It is amazing and intriguing. I asked her how is it like to receive visions and she told me the different ways. Personally right, I think she encouraged me more. I noticed that she has a very unique relationship with God. She does not refer God as “God” or “The Lord”, she refers God as “He” or “Him”. When I was listening to her, it was difficult for me to distinct if she was talking about a guy or God. She also asked if God(she used “He”) told me to go and pray for her. I answered with quite an uncertain answer. She told me, ” Yes means yes, no means no.” Well, this straight forward answer is something I need to work on. Somehow or another, we started chatting and I shared my struggles as both a drummer and a cell leader. How I wished I could go down the stage and pray for people I know. I shared about how I found so many people annoying because they are able to see pain but do not have the courage to pray or minister to them.

She also asked me about why did I take off my shoes in J333. It is kinda like my ritual. One J333, God told me to take off my shoes, so I did. Since then it has been a practice that I have been constantly doing. Both as an act that I am standing on holy ground and as an act to signify nothing holding me back as I worship God. After so long, I really enjoy taking off my shoes, it is comfortable. It is something I do and I felt so silly sometimes as I walk up to the altar barefooted.

Then, I was very happy when Zephen as me if I was going to supper with them. Then had a nice chat with Claire on the car. Lord, thank you for this gift of conversation. I am really enjoying how I am able to listen to so many different things happening. This conversation with Pei En(I hope it is the right name) is really cool. Lord, will you please reveal more?

When Pei En prayed for me. She told me that she saw a blue bird and the Lord saying that he will set it free. Well, it is cool. I dunno if it has any relation to the bird I always draw on my books. Lord, to more visions! Please reveal more and more. It is very cool that pastor Scott prayed that God will show me his calling for me this Redeem.

Nice day Lord! Thank you!