=152= Words Of Melancholy: When will my life get better?

“Maybe just a little longer” he said after hearing the noises outside.

“This cubicle isn’t too bad. I mean it is small and all, but there is no one to take my space. I can stay here without being interrupted. I would not be lost, i am safe here” Trying to convince himself to stay there.

The cubicle had white walls all around him. The door was the usual door with the simple turning mechanism to lock it. What was peculiar about the door was that it had holes drilled in on top of the mechanism. The man assumed that it was drilled previously for the old mechanism before it spoilt and needed to be replaced. He sat down on the covered toilet bowl and simply thought to himself, “When will my life get better?”

Then he heard someone say, ” Hey is there someone inside? I need to use the toilet!”

He was in conflict. He doesn’t want to get out, but someone needs his comfortable cubicle more than him and so he lied. “I am still using it!”

“You sure? I really need the cubicle VERY urgently!” The man said while pacing around.

“Errr, wait a while, I am about to be done!” He replied as he felt really bad for holding the cubicle without using it.

As he came out of the cubicle, he realised that he recognised the man who needed it.¬†“Oh, its you John! So sorry, love to talk, but need the toilet, bye!” Said the man quickly as he rushed into the cubicle.

John went straight to the sink. Washed his face and looked at his ragged face. “When will my life get better?” He sighed.

“Easy John, easy.” Said John as he stepped out of the toilet.

First thing he saw was a corridor. A long stretch with no doors. as he walked down he heard footsteps behind him. Fear had a grip on his heart and he started running. He ran and turned right. He still saw no doors. So he made a left, still no doors. He made a right, no doors. Another right, still no doors, but this stretch seemed longer than the previous few. He reached the end and turned right. This time he saw light and  sprinted there.

He was back where he started, the same toilet that he stepped out of. It was then when he saw the man step out of the cubicle. “Oh John, you are still here? What have you been doing?”

“Nothing much, nothing really.” replied John.

“Oh? Ok, catch up soon man, really got to get out of this place to go to work, wanna join me?”He said cheerfully.

“Wait, do you mean you know your way out? It is like a maze out of this toilet!” John inquired.

“Nope, not really, but when i step out, someone would catch up to me and lead me out. He said that he knows the way out, so i followed him.”

“How do you know he knows the way?”

“I don’t. I simply tried once, he led me out. I tried again, he led me out again. So every time when i come here, i will simply trust him to lead me out. Are you joining us?”

“Nah, i do not trust anyone apart from myself” Said John after he considered the risks.

“Oh, ok, see you John!” said the man as he departed.

John went back to the cubicle. Locked himself in and asked once again, “When will my life get better?”


Stand up on your own two legs, walk out, trust Him. He will lead you out.