=153= Thanksgiving: Ministry

I want to thank the Lord for my ministry. I happened to really enjoy serving this year—not that last year was bad, but service this year was smoother, easier and more fruitful. Let me go by my ministries.

First, Cell. Footsteps is really the best place to be on a Sunday! With so many things changing at once, Footsteps has been a great constant in my life. I am able to trust that when I fall down, they will be right there for me. Footsteps is a brotherly cell. We love not by our words(they are quite violent at times, HAHA!), we love by our actions, like real men. We do not sugar coat anything. We are truthful to each other. We share our struggles and laugh together. There is no cell I rather be in! Sincerely, Footsteps has been a family to me. I feel weak though. I feel like I have to step up next year and be someone with more authority. Let’s see? I want to continue to Love them and see them grow!

Second, LC. I recalled that I wanted to write something for my LC after my last LC, but the last LC was so Anti-Climatic… Oh well, I still must comment! Thank you EnMing and Esna for bringing over a very cool direction of being a family in LC. It is a very good direction indeed. LC this year has been a GREAT support. I am not just going to cell to learn about God. I am going to have fun with friends. Ok, maybe this is not a very good motivation, but God has let me love this people and receive much. I do not know how much will my LC change next year, but I do know that LC this year has been a very good constant as well, it is my desire that we will continue to love each other! Maybe even form our own cell when we all move up to YA. Haha, Lord, I really do have abandonment issues don’t I? :/

Third, CAMY. This is where I have decided to serve. Where I felt called to when I was sec 3. Lord, thank you for blessing me with much favour in this ministry. In Sec 3 you asked what have I been doing for you and I have no answer. Since then, I was able to experience worship in such a different way. It really is crazy. Most people in CAMY have been playing for really long before joining. I only played for a mere year when God called. It has been almost three years since then and God has been really faithful. Blessed me with more confidence. Blessed me with better ears. Blessed me with capacity. Blessed me with greater skill. Blessed me with an ability to teach(which I will talk about later). Blessed me with better musicianship. I am blessed. It is here when I started to stop thinking so much over my responsibilities—time keeping, dynamics, right fill, crash on ‘1’—and start to care more on worshiping God while playing a song. I have absolutely no idea when it has became easier for me to play. Perhaps when I am worshiping God? It has became both my burden and my rest. Ok, not burden in a sense that it is tiring. It is how we hold the burden of the worship of the congre. At first, you are worried if what you played affects worship. Now, after you are better on the technical side, you realize something. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we have no power over the hearts of the congregation. We are unable to control or make worship any better as the congre. Worship is really not on us. I mean we try our best to lead the youths somewhere, but if the youths do not want to follow, we cannot do anything. I am still processing this. I am trying best, but I am still helpless against lukewarm worshippers. Ga has been really emotional over this. I am thankful that Ga is so emotional. It constantly reminds me of how real spiritual warfare is. It constantly humbles me. It constantly teaches me how I should be like—having much compassion over the souls of the youth. It has been fruitful.

Fourth, my desire to teach. The Lord is faithful. He has not just blessed me with hands and feet that plays drums, he has blessed me with a mouth that can help people relax and laugh. He has given me energy to do stupid things. He has given me the gift of conversation. He has given me stunts and actions to help people relax, then, simple questions to ask to start conversations. Of course before I had this gift, I was given the gift of my ears. Among all my body parts, my ears are probably one of the most important. I use my ears to hear parts of drums. I use my ears to listen to people lament and sigh. I use my ears to listen to people’s hearts(not literally of course). On top of that, God has given me the gift of encouragement and teaching. God has given me the ability to encourage people to serve and persevere when things get difficult. I was very encouraged myself when I heard that Wee Geok, a person with so much potential started serving because I asked him ‘why not?’! I have used my gift to teach the training band without being someone foreign. I am very grateful that I have a personal relationship as a friend with everyone of them and not just as a teacher level. I am very thankful that they don’t see me as someone scary but still listens to me when I give them suggestions and help them! 🙂

Lord, you have been faithful. Please continue to pour down favour! 🙂