=155= Thanksgiving of the Week

I started something recently. I started to write down whatever thanksgiving I have, on my phone. I decided to post whatever I have written, in my blog on Sunday. So Ya, this will be a new way to add rhythm and taking note of God’s favour!

Thanksgiving for 14/12/2014:
Caught up to 147
Had a good drum lesson
Fun walk in Mustafa
Finished 80% of video assignment
Had fun with the training band
Had a great conversation with Winnie
Allowing me to touch a mother’s life by simply holding the door for her
Bought a nice formal but digital watch for Elsa
Retrieved my drumsticks from chapel
For great timing for the MRT!
Managed to catch a nap
Managed to do a bit of work
Managed to practice a little
Eyes got better after eye wash!
Perfect time with MRT
Got a seat on the MRT
Finished common test
Managed to do Qn8
Had lunch with Jun Yi
Free Sugarcane
Had a bit of rest
Ran away from temptation even though I dwelled on it for a long while
Have a peace of mind because my brain is clearer after reading blogs
Had great time with Cell!
Had a wonderful worship
God reminded me to forgive.
Word in season
Managed to talk to Kennaf about it
Had a nice convo with Kiat!
Nice convo with Timothy
Saw secondary school friends
Nice text convo with Claire
Nice convo with Denise
Great night with rest and a dream.
Caught 159
Kennaf prayed for me
Managed to make some people laugh
Confessed to Josh what I was struggling with
Cried out my eyes out
Prepared to do it.
Apologized to Shawn today(big step Lord, please grant me power and courage to do it tmr)
Had a lift home!
Had a fun time of conversation in the car with Carol, Renee and Kiat
72 came right on time! 🙂
Had potato salad for breakfast
Had a nap before cell
Had a good chat with Daniel
Had nice breakfast
Great worship
Managed to chat with quite a few people, blessed them with some conversation
Nice chat with Cool! 🙂
Had a rather nice chat with Tiff Tay
Worship was awesome
Had Derrick, Tiff Tay and Elsa to pray for me
Cab ride home

Will blog about Redeem soon!