=157= Words of Melancholy: Thrown

Dear friend, why have you thrown away your calling?

Yesterday night, I went through my collection of cards and notes that I have collected over the years. My heart ached. Many of them had stopped talking to me. Many of them have backslided. However, I saw a note that I was given after an amazing retreat where we shared on our pain and our cell was ministered to and members started to come back! My friend told me to continue to press on for them.

However, years later, my friend stopped. The once burdened and loving friend has thrown away the calling that he/she had(I am unwilling to reveal who it is, or even give a little info to let you guess who is it).

My friend, why have you thrown away your calling? Didn’t you want to do great things for the Lord? Why did you burn out and stop relying on Him? Indifference is poison. People who search their entire faith and decides to reclaim their faith have the comfort of saying that they have sought and not found, but people who are indifferent cannot say anything like that. They are just lukewarm.

Lukewarm is disgusting. How can you be in a place where you claim that you are Christian but not acting like one? My friend, it hurts me to say see you throw away your calling. Throwing away your calling affects everyone around you. Just like how there was a storm because Jonah was in the boat(ok bad analogy). If you throw away your calling and your service to the Lord, that ministry suffers. I always think that it is better to not commit to something than to commit and give only half best. However, when you are in a place when you have too many ministries and your studies suffer, you should not just drop everything. First talk to someone with the authority to let you drop. See if there is a need. If there isn’t, drop. If there is, stay until there is someone to take over you. Do not be irresponsible to let someone handle all the bad stuff. Even if you do not believe in some things that the ministry does, do the right thing. Stand strong until someone can take over you. This will show character and perseverance. It is better to do the right thing when you do not want to, than to do the wrong thing when you want to. If you have been doing the right thing all these while no one can comment!

A calling is not super duper crazy spiritual intervention. Sometimes God just calls us to the simple things. Go bless someone every week. Go help someone in need. Go take initiative to go up to him/her to ask if he/she is okay. Sometimes, a calling is basically doing what is right in your heart. I strongly believe that everyone has a moral standard that they follow. Whether is it Christian Law, Muslim Law or pure instinct, so not following it is stupid. People have an idea if what they are doing is right or not.

My friend, go with your heart, will you be able to say that you are doing right? Have you been loving? Or do you feel like crap?

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