=160= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 21/12/2014:
Caught up to 109
Got to school on time
Had a such a fun time with Yu Hui
Finished work
156 came really fast
Managed to nap
Managed to practice Cajon and drumset
Great practice!
Good dinner
Blessed with money from my aunt
Finished assignment 3, just need to render
Got to my favourite seat on 116
Got to the MRT right on time
Fell down on the escalator with minor injuries
Lord, I had a ding on my laptop… 😦
Presentation was good
Watched a nice movie, Jumper, with Jun Yi in one of the empty classrooms
Won a $10 popular voucher
Realise that I can use the $10 voucher for cards
Found out that Mustafa’s Orient watches also has one year warranty
Had a funny text convo with Claire
Ate a wonderful Poh Piang
Drum lessons are great!
Managed to get a seat on a crowded 109
Got to eat really nice dinner
Managed to fall asleep without falling into temptation
Woke up and finished both assignments
Got on my favourite seat of the bus in 116
Went to Popular and got 10.70 worth of stuff, only paid $0.70 because of the vouchers
Finished the line hugging car
Went to G2 and had conversation with a lot of Nicole’s friends
Managed to talk and minister to Someone who was troubled
Had a wonderful chat with Ga
Had a great dinner
Had a good chat with Jon
Managed to sit JunYi’s car
Saw my PFP friends
Managed to kinda finish our project
Reached LA
Had an amazing time of worship
Had a really fun time with my LC
Lord, no courage to do it. Please encourage me Lord.
Had quite a good rest
Feeling quite energetic after I cleaned up
Managed to continue to chat with Edwin
Got $5 popular voucher
Got a lift to Serangoon
Submitted my assignment 2 successfully
Managed to meet up with my mum and sis
Had some macwrap leftovers
Chose the right decision spending time with my mum and sis
Managed to have a nap
Managed to have some fun on my bunk bed with Daniel, Darren and Yu Zhe
Wonderful dinner
Managed to help the caterer to move the their stuff
Had a fun game and interacted with some people
Jammed with many people
Saw Denise still using the notebook I got her
Wonderful time of worship
Had a chance to impart to the guys in my LC.
Got a lift from Winnie to Yio Chu Kang
Hence, had time to go home and rest
Nice lunch
Managed to nap a bit
Got onto my favourite seat in the bus
That the MDS rehearsals started late, so I do not need to rush much there
Had fun practicing for the concert
Bought stickers
Bought my first acoustix album.
Good deal, 14+ for 40+ songs
Good dinner
Nice sleep
Fell, but with very minor injuries
Caught up to 51
Apologized to Jowen (Lord, thank you for the courage)
Gave Van and Steph her card
Glad that they liked it!
Had a fun time “clubbing” with Footsteps
Had a nice card writing with Footsteps
Saw a beautiful sight
Talked to Kai on my way back
Talked to Esther and Kai Yang at the Bus stop
Great lunch
Caught a nap
Wonderful dinner
Had an alright rehearsal

=159= Melancholic Reflections: Perks of being alone

This time last year, I still had a pillar of support. However on Christmas Eve, that pillar, stopped supporting me and I realised that I was all alone.

It was painful. I was there, by myself, not knowing how to respond to that. I walked a bit and I was scared. There is no one by my side to assure me. Then throughout this whole year, I slowly learnt how to be comfortable with myself. Perhaps I was so used to having pillars assuring me who I was that when they stopped, I realised that I never knew myself. I went through a season where I looked for colour, a season where I looked for direction and a season where I exercised my gifts and finally, a season to teach me to do what was right rather than what I wanted to do. Now, I am at a place where I think I am rather alright? Haha, I am not very much affected by the thought of not having a girlfriend. There I girls that I admire, but I am at a place where I am comfortable not approaching them for a relationship.

There are many perks to being comfortable being alone or being yourself or being single.

1. You are comfortable.
Hahaha, mind blowing right? Let me explain. When your worth is not based on someone else, you become more free, not caring what people think of you, this makes conversation a lot easier rather than stressing over whatever kind of response that would make the other party happy. I much rather prefer a person who shows his/her emotions than someone who is passive aggressive. Being comfortable gives you more real conversation.

2. You learn more about yourself.
Being comfortable being single, gives you more time to reflect and learn about how you work and what energizes you. It forces you to take ownership of your life and know what kind of flaws you have. I do know that sometimes a partner would be able to spot your flaws easier, but having the ability yourself allows you to become a better person before meeting someone.

3. You get to interact with more people.
Being single gives you loads and loads of time to interact and have many friends. You will learn how to love other people as a friend rather than just loving your girlfriend or boyfriend. Being single also means that you have the license to interact with people of the other gender(ok this sounds wrong). This may sound wrong, but it allows you to experiment with how to interact with girls as a friend. You will learn the boundaries, the questions, the ways to be a brother to your sister.

4. You start to admire people.
You will never be a perfect person, but you will find good examples of who you should be or see qualities of people that you like or qualities that you want to achieve. Because you are single, you can admire people of the opposite gender too. This widens your perspective and you learn more!

5. People trust you more.
Because you are comfortable with yourself, you are being real to whoever you are interacting with. When you are real and people can see it, they will trust you more as they know that you will not spill the beans. You will not backstab them over something minor.

6. You get to do other things.
As you have more time being single, you look for different areas to invest your time in. You can find a new hobby, a new passion; something that may affect you the rest of your life.

7. You learn how to better deal with loneliness
Being single or alone will mean that you will face loneliness. Even in a relationship, you will face loneliness. However, being lonely while single teaches you how to deal with it yourself and not rely on another girl. You start to distract yourself from your loneliness and do stuff. This would help in a marriage when one of you goes overseas or something. Learning how to deal with loneliness when you are single helps you when you are married.

Oh well, the gift of singleness is a good gift. Lord, please let me treasure this gift as I live this life. Teach me to love people. Teach me to love you more. When I love you more, my affections for my spouse would not be unhealthy. I would not be obsessed with loving my spouse and place this idol in front of you. I would not be at a place where I can’t say that I am proud of it! Lord, thank you for redeeming my relationships and teaching me so much in the process. I give thanks Lord!