=163= Gear I Want: Custom Snare

Well, as a drummer who has been watching many and I mean many product videos, I have an idea for a custom snare drum.

First of all, I like to appreciate George from Pantheon Percussion for providing such great service! I think it is really amazing to be able to do so much—make drums, play them, refurbish them, publicity etc etc.

My idea is simply this, I want like a hybrid of many different signature snare drums. I want it to have a good contrast with my 14 by 6.5 maple snare. I want it to be unique. The material of the shell is more or less decided. I want a different material from every snare in church. So that means, no cherry, no beech, no maple, no brass and no mahogany. I really would want a metal snare for it will really cut through the mix and sound really good.

The dimensions are more or less settled. I want a 13 by 5.75! Kudos to Benny Greb for having such a unique dimension for a snare. If I am going custom, I can order that! 🙂

Now the ‘big’ idea! I want it to have mismatched lugs. Like 6 lugs on the top and 8 lugs on the bottom. I remember Akira Jimbo say that less mounting on the shell means more resonance, so I was just thinking why not go with less mount on the top and more on the bottom? It will really fulfill whatever it is made for! I really want it to be in die cast hoops as well.

However, I when I inquired with George if it was possible to have mismatched lugs. George told me that it will only be possible if I get no flange hoops and use claws! However, I can choose VERY thick no flange hoops, 4.5mm. Die cast is only 3.1mm, so just imagine how cool that would be! If I use no flange hoops, it will look extremely vintage! Which will be nice! So my snare will look vintage because of the hoops and modern because of the shell.

The only thing standing in my way now is the financial problem. That extremely cool snare drum would cost about $850… 😦 well, this is something that I would want one day! However, I would want my own cymbal set before this snare. I want 14 masters hi hats and 20 masters crash. Then I will go with dark energy crashes 16 and 18. A Signature 18 Thin China. A dark energy 10 splash.

I want a JoJo mayer perfect balance pedal.

Sorry for this equipment rant. Just a way to get it out of my head.