=168= Melancholic Reflections: Photos

After going for so many watch nights I noticed a few patterns. Youths will all gather at the gallery then after the countdown they will go crazy! Then a few people will be going around taking photos.

Personally, I actually hate taking photos… As in I love having photos, I just hate taking them. For a few reasons really. For one, my neck is really long. Then my bite is really ugly. Like when I smile there is a gap in between the upper jaw and lower jaw, so it is really annoying. This also affects a bit of my speech and causes me to stutter a little… 😦 I have learned to keep my head a bit higher so as to cover my bite. Then, my glasses makes my eyes look small. Aiyo, now I sound so vain.

For the past few years, I did not go about asking for photos from everyone, mainly for like a social experiment, seeing how many people would want to take a photo with me. I realised that that is really stupid. I do not need to ‘test’ my friends! If they are they are, why on earth do you need to treat them like lab rats? And it really isn’t worth it, at the end of the day, you walk out of Watchnight with little photos and you are sad! So Ya, I rather go up to them and take a photo myself, who cares, it is true that I want to be their friend!

P.s.: a few of you guys left early so I did not take with you guys… 😦



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