=169= Melancholic Reflections: Words

There are different types of ways to thank/honor someone. There is written word and spoken word. Written word is like a message, note or letter. Spoken word can be face to face one on one, it also can be given in the presence of people. All are very different. They have very different impacts and uses too.

Messages are great for on the spot edification. This can be used when you see something good that a person has done and you just wanna praise them.

Notes are hand written so they feel more personal. Great for gratitude and because it is physical, you can keep it!

Letters are even more on the scale. I think people and youths should bring back letters exchanging back to their lives. Letters are meaningful for they are handwritten and loaded with content. Notes and cards are great, but a bit superficial. I think notes and cards should be continuous. So it will have better closure and you get to experience someone’s life! Man, I need a friend who is willing to do it with me!

Now on the cooler one, spoken word.

Spoken words have a certain power to them. There is just a difference with people actually speaking and people simply writing it. Over the years, I realised for sharing, it is better for me not to over prepare my part. It makes my sharing more real and better. Most of the time what comes to mind first is the best. Sometimes the best speeches are unplanned ones.

One on one spoken words are the more personal one. It can be for conversation. It can be for mentoring. It can be for pouring into each other lives. This kind of spoken words are great. These are the ones that are rarely recorded. However, it is really good to have these words.

In the presence of many. Now the purpose of this is different. This is not just to edify the person. This is to honor the person. By honoring someone on stage you are telling everyone, “this guy is good, be like him!” This would encourage the person and would allow people to ‘feel’ your love.

Oh well, I have no good conclusion for this. It was just something I felt interesting. On the side note, I am quite dreading serving tmr… I wasn’t able to keep time well for You at all. For most of the set, I am not the one leading, I was following. Lord, I am feeling as though I am not doing my job well. Will you please encourage me? Father, please bless me with the ability to lead people into worship. Lord, doing what is right and just is more pleasing to the Lord than sacrifice. Please teach me. No. Please guide me to live this out. May my life exude the qualities and fruits that you desire. Lord, keep me from sinning again. Father, may I come into your presence pure! No may I come into your presence to be made pure. Lord, allow me to pray more. Allow me to love you more. Teach me to love you more. Father, keep me to my promise; keep me to my covenant. That Lord, a broken and contrite heart, you do not despise. Father, come and fix my heart.


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