=171= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 4/1/2014:
Failed terribly
Good nap
Great dinner
Great fun with cousins
Watched Kurosagi, it was very good
Sleep well and woke up early
Had breakfast together with family
Mum is confirmed without cancer
Went to bras Bersah and got myself a notebook
Went to a watch shop and got the Mako cheaper than at Mustafa!
Loving the new watch!
Great buffet lunch
Caught a nap
Practiced for set
Bought chicken wings for ah Ma
Prepared some stuff
Dropped a cup, but it did not break
Rested really well
Watched Kurosagi
Went to Kovan and had a good lunch
Wore quite a nice outfit
Nice worship songs in the train
Great lunch with JED!
KanKen Bag!
Happy New Year!
Talked to Elsa and decided to password protect a post
Had a lift home
Typed my speech out for JED!
C told me she enjoyed my blog and wanted to start her own! (Go start one! Share the link with me!)
Had quite a nice convo with Miss Tan & Shina
Great breakfast
Great feeling in my heart, no idea, it is like it is no longer heavy!
The noodles for lunch was really good! Thanks Mum!
Finished watching Kurosagi, it was so good! 🙂
Had a swim
Managed to practice for set
Failed again
Tried to take out the bracelet from my watch, managed to, was really difficult to put it back
Managed to put the strap back
Ran after 156 and caught it!
Great Chat with Lucas on Footsteps
Perfect time with 156
Read my book
Had quite a bad rehearsal
Had a nice dinner with the team
Really nice text convo with Denise
Very good potato salad
Perfect time with MRT
Had a nice lesson, learned a lot about emceeing.
Great sound check and run through.
“You” was great during run through and meh during set
The set was really amazing for me! I felt release in my heart. Father, I pray that I will be able to worship you like this every time I play!
Then I had a great conversation with Shena when we went and got waffles! 🙂
Had a fun time playing with Daniel and Denise
Dinner was nice!
Worship was wow! Like it was really easy to sing and free worship in that atmosphere!
Shared with team that I wanted the team to be encouraging
Had a lift from Grace’s parents to Holland V!
Quite a weird text convo with Van
Great sleep!
Laksa for breakfast!
Bought breakfast for Footsteps
Had quite a traumatic experience on stage(ok maybe traumatic is a little bit too exaggerated a word to use)
Did not manage to talk to Kennaf after service.
Had fun on the train to talk to people.
Ga asked me an interesting question
Felt really horrible about my musicianship after the composing part
Came back home and rested quite well
Great dinner
Funny text convo with Claire about heaven!
Great text convo with Kennaf!

Thank you God! It has been a crazy week! 🙂


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