=172= Words of Melancholy: 2AM

A gigantic bomb was dropped on me when i was just about to sleep. I am having my presentation tmr, no wait today. Well, to top off every single overwhelming thing that happened, this was one that just blew everything away.

All my plans were disrupted. I am now unable to go for drum lessons at 2.45 and meet Aaron at 4.30. My day was ruined before it started. I was angry and i was annoyed. Why couldn’t he have told me about this earlier, then i would have done much more from 8 till 12. Instead, he settled for a half-assed job because he did not relay the information properly. now instead of two hours, we spent 6. What the crap.

Through this anger, i know that doing my work decently was impossible and so, i took a break through this chaos. I went into my room closed the lights and prayed. I cried to God. I told him how overwhelmed i was. I told him how much i needed him. I Did not speak much, but my heart was broken. I am not superman. i can’t do everything, i can’t do last minute things. i much rather have sleep than do last minute cramming, but i had no choice. Father, this bomb, this spiritual attack was so sudden that it took me by surprised. That for a few minutes i was showing horrible attitude. That for a few minutes, i was not loving. Father, rebuke me of this horrible attitude. Correct me Lord, Rid of my temper, give me anger only for the things that you want. Father, i am really tired now, please stay by my side.



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