=175= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 11/1/2015
Great sleep
Nice breakfast
Caught up to 103
Managed to sign attendance
Managed to catch up with lesson
Had fun with class as usual
We played Fun Run 2
Well gotten pretty alright marks for MDA test
Had Jun Yi in my house for project.
Had a lot of fun playing and filming our video
Really give thanks for a brother that would eat with me in my house
Then good dinner at gramps
Came back to do some work
A gigantic Bomb dropped on me
Prayed in the midst of it
Managed to finish it
Had quite a nice text convo with Mindez
Well rested
Eyes got better after washing then with eye lotion
Caught up to 116
Got a seat on 116
Caught up to MRT
Got a seat on the MRT
Had fun in floorball
Managed to make some conversation with Mindez’s friend Carmen
Rehearsed for Innova
Quite a good presentation
Innova is over!
Called up my kids to ask them how they were
Good timing with 109
Good timing with MRT
Bumped Mindez and Nok Wan at Botanics
Got good marks for Math
Managed to film finish the clips for my video
Practical was really tough
Managed to chat with Grace, Ga and Sam
Good rehearsal
Perfect time with 116
Saw someone that looked a lot like C, stirred up a ton of residual feelings
God, please steady my heart…
Practical was quite fun
Lunch in Saizeriya
Ended lessons early
Had fun touring open house
Managed to go to SKS and get a book
Drum lessons were fun
Had a weird conversation with an old man on the bus
Managed to kinda finish MDA project
Good timing with 116
Really thankful for my Math results
Gotten quite good AEA results!
Managed to kinda finish my MDA with JunYi!
Rested well
Eyes felt much better after eye lotion!
Reached Nex on time!
Had dinner with Elaine, Jin Leong and Yun Yu
Saw C today, didn’t see her face, but she was talking to A at the bus stop
Stirred up ALOT of feelings.
Great breakfast with Mum and Sis
Caught up to 109, great timing!
Managed to make my project better
Was late for rehearsals but it was not bad playing the song!
I managed to worship God with the set even though many pointed out that it was not ideal
Managed to rest a bit on the MRT
When to Safra Yishun to find Claire, but she left alr
She called me! Nice! 🙂
Managed to take 854 home!
Strawberries at home!
Slept really early like at 8.30
Woke up and exported my project, quality was good!
Shoulders and back aches like mad, but got better!
Managed to play around with my kids
Was a bit stern on Johann cause he was very disruptive
The sec 2s are still a little conservative, hope they will speak out more!
Good worship set
Played with Jerome during service
Felt really bad that I was not able to pray for my kids during altar call
Pitched my idea out to the sec 4s, Lord, really hope that you will let this idea come to pass!
Nice convo with Carissa.
Free bus ride cause the scanner wasn’t functioning!
Rested well
Managed to export and submit MDA project, quite proud of how it turned out!
Scheduled lunch with Aaron
Texted Sis Andrea to ask how she was
Fingers crossed for O level results tmr!


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