=179= Thanksgiving of the Week

Thanksgiving 18/1/2015:
Waited only 2 minutes for 116
Managed to squeeze into the MRT
Bumped into Kiat at Botanic Gardens
Got a seat on the bus
Managed to catch on to the lesson
Had a nice “nap” session with the class
MDA was quite interesting today!
Really impressed with how well some of my kids has done!
Had a horrible headache but it is better now!
Really want to watch Whiplash
Man, changing the name to numbers isn’t funny! Haha!
Read one chapter of “Soul Survivor” while waiting for Raphael
Caught up to 103
Caught up to MRT
Floorball was fun!
Read another chapter of “Soul Survivor” while waiting for Aaron
Met up with Aaron!
Free lunch
Talked lots with Aaron!
The match was intoxicating!
So much adrenaline and fun playing the full court
Caught up to 154
Managed to squeeze in a practice session
Had dinner with Ma
Playing for regionals, was really stressed over the load I had on my hands
Josh called at such a great time(Lord, thank you for providing!)
Called up Raphael, was good! ๐Ÿ™‚
Managed to reach school on time
Had a lot of fun in class
Met Zeng
Practical was smooth!
74 came quick
Received an email from Esna (Thanks! :D)
Met Sis Andrea and had a chat
Managed to pray for Sis Andrea
The prayer session for Redeem was really good
Quite a nice time of supper
Had quite nice conversation with Aaron and Tiff
Was really affected by something
Managed to reach kinda on time?
Managed to do practical really well
Went to market! ๐Ÿ˜€
DEP wasn’t that tough as well
Drum lessons were quite bad cause I did not practice
Managed to squeeze in practice time at home
Managed to pass both quiz
Failed again
Breakfast with John
Good worth it lunch
Gonna be late for rehearsals Lord, will you please provide?
Almost like a joke, you provided again! I give thanks
Rehearsals were alright!
Dinner with JED! Council was great!
The guys and girls are bonded with each other now is left the bond between the genders
Had quite a fun time with Sarah, Winnie and Jun Kang on the train.
Good night sleep
Mum bought breakfast back home! ๐Ÿ™‚
Got to teach my cousin homework
Helped mum with groceries
Managed to solder my project
Whiplash was SOOO good
Got myself a mouse
Got to text Miss Tan a bit
Steamboat was good!
Managed to solder finish my project
Got to church on time
Rehearsed and had a good time of worship
Cell was fun!
Played with a few kids by the pool
Had quite a good chat with Adam
Managed to “lead” push
Worship was nice! God thank you for blessing me even though I had such a heart.
Did not get prayer from Kennaf again because he was busy.
Had a wonderful lunch with Footsteps
Had a nice chat with Jerome on our way back
Swam a little
Had a good dinner
Had QT before Work! Lord, help me keep the habit!
Texted Kennaf, man should have totally done it face to face, but it was good
Finished homework
Texted Mindez


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