=180= Words of Joy: Encouraged

I am still considering to have a segment to contrast with Words of Melancholy. It really is weird to have a Words of Sanguine so I think Words of Joy will be a better fit! It will contrast with WOM, Words of Melancholy is my reflections or ranting of things that I makes me annoyed. Melancholic Reflections are logical reflections of events or ideas. Compared to WOM, MR is more reserved and has more composure. However, as I continue to reflect, I kept writing posts that are not melancholic at all. I realised that I am not angry, bitter or sad then arguing my way back; I was joyful and I wanted the world to know! So I think Words of Joy will be my outlet!

Today was a good day! I went back home and I practiced at 185 Bpm. I never could play hands down by Dashboard—even though it was one of their most popular songs—because I physically could not play the fast 16th notes evenly! I could do like one bar and I would have went of time or my right and left hand would have almost hit at the same time. So I decided to work on it like how I worked on my left hand and left feet. Being intentional about getting fast, I started to practice at 170. I was trying to play 16th notes straight. 170 was alright, but 175 was too fast. So I tried to recall how I got used to playing at 140/150. It was because most of the church songs are at that tempo, so I practiced that tempo more than anything else. So began to practice grooves. I went up to 185 today and it was fun. Playing with the click and pushing myself to play at that speed was really tiring. Both of my wrist started to hurt. My arms and my right feet was aching. Learning to practice my technique more! I guess I was a bit inspired by Whiplash to start practicing more, maybe not until my hands are covered with blood, but I need to practice more! I began practicing fills and Tom grooves, trying to reverse engineer the process again. Trying to play grooves first then work on 16ths, hopefully I will be able to play as fast as hands down then maybe Sun Wu Kong by Mayday. Pushing pushing pushing! An important message from the movie that I need to take note is don’t be an ass after you get good. Be humble. Something I asked from God was to give me a humble heart. Be a good musician and a good person!

I was really encouraged when my kid that I haven’t heard from for a very long time called me up. At such a great time too. It gave me a way out. I heard his story of how God touched him through an old lady that talked to him. I shared on the vision I received from someone in J333. Lord, thank you for still using me even though I was in such a horrible position! Father, thank you for encouraging me! May you continue to allow me to worship and impact your kingdom! Lord, give me the power!

Lord, thank you for this overflow of Joy! 🙂



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