=181= Melancholic Reflections: Simple

Sometimes we would over complicate what God is telling us. When God says something, we think “what exactly is he saying? What does he mean?” When we go to that point, we will likely come up with a meaning that we want. We will totally disregard what God actually said and interpret it our own way.

This is how we sometimes quote verses out of context. This is how we claim to have known God but really we just know him by the image we have in our heads. This intrigued me. That God looks different in everyone’s head. One might be a very good friend. One might be a stern father. One might even be a stingy ruler. How one actually experienced God and how the devil have twisted this experience determines the image of God in our heads.

I would hate to think that my loving God is a sarcastic God. That he will say things sarcastically to guilt trip people. Or that he is a passive aggressive God, that he will say something and mean another. Or that he is an clever snob, would use complicated words and jargon to explain himself. Or that he is sadistic, that he would kill people for pleasure. Or that he is like an older sibling always around the corner to see what mistakes you make so that he can condemn you.

Instead, I think that God is a simple God. He would say things and mean nothing more. When he says, “I love you” it doesn’t mean, “so I will give you something you like”. When he says, “I have plans to prosper you” it doesn’t mean, “so you will become a good musician”. Why can’t God simply mean “I love you” when he says so? Why must he always have other motives? In fact, would a God that is good, which is good himself, do such a sissy thing? You answer that yourself.

Why would God be a clever snob? Sure he is all knowing, he understands more about the world than anybody in this world. He knows everything. He sure is clever, but he definitely is not a snob. Why would he be? While being all knowing, he is also Love itself. He loves more than anyone could in this life. He is not detached from the world, he himself came down to earth to redeem us! He is not a snob that will remind you about how much you do not know. Instead he takes a role of a teacher, teaching you the things that you do not know. Jesus reached out to people with little education and showed them a living example of who they should be. They should be serving one another like how Jesus washes his disciples feet.

In the same way God is gentle and loving. God loves us so much that he sent his own son down to die for us. Sometimes we also forget that Jesus is part of the trinity. Jesus is perfect both in manhood and Godhood. God sent himself down to die for us. It is almost like taking a cane to hit himself. He forgives freely. He forgives by bearing the punishment of sin upon himself. He speaks with a constant still voice but few listens. He corrects with the urging of the Holy Spirit. He knows every single sin that you have made, but because he is also a God of justice, he can’t let the sin go unpunished. So instead, he punished himself.

Well, my God is a simple God. He loves. He speaks. He means it!



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